The search ends when you know nothing is missing.

It is all contained right here.

In your pain.

In your joy.

In your body’s limitations.

In your preferences.

In your laughter.

In your tears.

When you come to know your Self as life that comes and goes, ebbs and flows.

As your attention wanders to the imagined missing parts, your experience becomes one of wanting that which you turned your attention away from.

This truly alive moment mysteriously contains it all. Sadness, emptiness, desire, delight.

The minute you try to understand it with your mind, it will disappear.

This moment that contains it all must be felt right here.

Bring your attention to this moment that is missing nothing at all.

It may gift you something previously unrecognised. A new perspective. Awareness that encourages you to linger in the present a little longer.

In love and appreciation,

Liz x