As my body tunes into collective energy, particularly shadow energy that is being brought to light, my human self needs specific self-care to move these energies through. Sometimes that looks like dance or drumming or sobbing. This morning I heeded the overwhelming guidance to write, accompanied by a flood of tears for woundings that are not mine and yet are acutely felt in my body.

As we tend to the mess we humans have created, women specifically are being called to wake the bleep up. Yes it feels uncomfortable yet know this, the discomfort is here to help mine the gold within you. For the women who are hearing and feeling this loudly, these words are for you.


Deeper into the belly we go
Because the blood shed will go on
And words will do little to soothe
That which cuts so deep a wound
Only light can weave back together its layers.
So we feel, we feel, we feel
Allowing all that screams out in us
And we pound, and pound and pound
Until fists are bloodied and the only thing holding us up
Is the dirt beneath our knees.
Deeper we go, sinking toward that which can hold us
She was always here long before we forgot who we are.
And upon the bare skin of fallen knees we feel it
A whisper of movement, the soil shifting to cradle us
Unseen spirits of the earth singing lullaby’s to wake our bones
Silent tears fall toward the Mother
A balm she has long needed to receive from us.
Secret agreements are written in the soil,
Let our roots sink deeper into her belly
As we rise from our knees, legs shaking
Because you know you have been called
Turning away was never an option
You were born for this moment of clearing seeing.
Anchor your roots dear lady,
There is precious work to be done.