Let me tell you a story about softening. Whether they recognise it or not, women dearly desire spaces where they feel safe to soften. To step out of the masculine and explore their feminine self. And…to honour the feminine within, whilst finding their masculine feet.

This desire to soften, is matched by an equally deep fear of what women will find within when they do. The desire to maintain steadiness, is matched by an equally deep fear of never finding the healing they seek.

Last night I watched a woman in sound meditation unable to settle. I heard the dark whispers of unease in her body. Mid-session I placed an extra blanket over her and witnessed her body yield to the nurturing principals of the feminine, becoming deeply still.

There is a tenderness within you longing to be seen. Now is a time to recognise your yearning, as our collective pain continues to rise for all to witness. The tension you feel in the pit of your stomach wants your attention. The source of your suffocation wants your attention. Your rage wants your attention. In time all that is unconscious in you, may want your attention.

The feminine is calling. She’s here to teach you something new. Not a losing of self, just a gentle softening into who you are. Do not fear your longing for tenderness. Do not fear what you are awakening too. Do not give yourself over to the stories of the mind.

Your softening will heal us all. Your heart ache has a purpose. Please don’t shield what longs to be felt. There are kind ways to navigate the unconscious in you.

In every woman I meet, I see her unshed tears and tightly held stories. I no longer apologize for putting words to that which I witness. As you feel safe enough to soften, tears inevitably fall. This is my gift and I don’t take it lightly, holding women as they walk through the shadows.

Rising the feminine is deep work, requiring safe containers free from spiritual BS. Women are walking with stories that carry deep ancestral wounds in the body. That which culture labels weakness, anxiety, depression and emotional imbalance. Your fear and grief is real and it wants your healing awareness.

Can you allow yourself to be retaught how to hold yourself through incredibly challenging times? For many there will come a point when you know you can’t run away from this work. When every band-aid fix only serves to deepen the wound. A knowing within that your sovereignty depends on your willingness to go all in. I bow down to the knowing in you.

This is the pathless path. Revealing and unraveling as you go. When you step into this work, Life is going to show up and awaken those who are willing to meet their deepest fears.