One need only turn their attention to nature, to observe that all is in a constant state of change and flow. Yet underneath the movement of change, lies a profound stillness that underpins all of Life.

In nature, change is received with ease and effortlessness. A flower knows that it is not separate from the soil that anchors it to the ground, from the rain that waters its roots, from the sun that both encourages growth and destroys it. Nor from the wind that carries its seeds to new earth.

Just as Earth contains countless varieties of flowers, so too each human exists as a unique expression of the totality of Life (consciousness). Yet the human form adds a complex and often clunky dimension to our doing and being in the world. It is this clunkiness that serves to grow the seed of our essential nature, supporting maturation and full blooming.

In awakening to your essence, opening and softening toward change naturally flowers from within. Perhaps you have noticed when resisting that which is destine to change, your suffering deepens. The peace you long for is a relaxing into the moment, exactly as it is. Is is the direct experience realisation that you are the open awareness holding you at all times.

There are events unfolding in the world that make the human heart ache. Beyond the microcosm of personal life hardships, when you take care to look outward, you will see your life pains playing out in the larger macrocosm of Life. Like a mirror, that which challenges you, is challenging humanity and the Earth on a larger scale.

Through acknowledging the relationship between your private suffering and world suffering, you awaken a deeper understanding of your experiences as a clunky human.

Your pain requires your loving attention. As you become attuned to the energetic component of Life, commitment to your inner work becomes crucial. Pain ignored in the body can lead to becoming stuck in the pain of the world. It is wise to acknowledge the outer pain you witness, as it too lives within you. All experiences within the body need your kind, witnessing attention.

As within, so without.

When you are intimately familiar with the ways pain shows up in your body, you can learn to consciously tend to pain in ways that feel safe and kind. For no other reason than the innate desire to show up fully to your life. To stop running from all that you resist. To cultivate the inner tools to hold yourself in the depths, amid your body’s desire to run away.

This is the deep inner work that each of us are called to eventually. To awaken to the truth of who we are and grow our capacity to be with our humanness. It is an authentic relationship with yourself and Life, cultivated over time and reliant on your willingness to be with what is, as it arises.

Like me, it is likely you were not taught at school how to be with the perceived less desirable experiences of pain, sadness, grief, shame and terror. Be kind with yourself as you develop conscious practices to help hold the frightened Self. It is not uncommon to be overwhelmed by the sheer depths and magnificence of who you truly are. Tread slowly, this is sacred work requiring deep care.

The essence of you is beyond mind comprehension. Let both the beauty and the mess of life, awaken you to the changing nature of all forms. Making space within, for a gentle conscious blooming of the new that desires to be brought into form through you.