Over the years teaching and sharing meditation, I’ve noticed how my teaching practice and personal practice have evolved intuitively beyond what I’ve been taught. I’ve come to understand meditation often requires a different approach for women. In offering an embodied experience of meditation, women can more playfully find a doorway into a life of greater ease, beauty and meaning.

If you struggle with meditation, yet feel you will benefit from establishing a practice, I invite you to read on.

What I notice when women meditate, is the commonality of all they are greeted with in the feminine experience. This often includes intense feelings, lots of thoughts, energetic baggage and let’s not forget the very real murmurs of unmet heart longings.

What if meditation in the modern world, is not what you’ve been taught?

Can you take your practice off the cushion and come to know meditation as you right here right now? Opening, melting, blooming, contracting, unfolding, shaking, softening in this very moment.

Does traditionally taught meditation, allow for the full experience of being a modern woman awakening at this time? A living embodiment of mind, body, breath (energy) and heart. Which is…let’s be honest…sometimes messy, yet wildly intuitive, highly sensory and a potent doorway to a life of ease, beauty and deep meaning.

Here is what we know. Women are innately attuned to taking care of everyone before themselves.

Women are naturally empathetic, energetically and intuitively tuned in to their family, community and the greater world and cosmos. Often the most challenging step in our culture, is self-permission to slow down and create space to cultivate a practice.

What I hear, see and feel beneath a woman’s criticism of her meditation practice, is fear. I witness the deeper longing for wholeness. To grow the capacity to hold oneself amid intense emotions, excessive thought and energetic patterning. Is it possible that a woman’s anxiety, pain and sadness are a doorway to greater ease, beauty and meaning? It has been for me.

Whether we recognise it or not, for many, the yearning for wholeness (healing) is intrinsically woven into the quest to cultivate a meditation practice.

If you struggle to meditate, maybe it’s time to explore meditation as a living, embodied practice.

Meditation for Women is a warm and welcoming six-week introductory class for women seeking an intuitive and nurturing approach to meditation. The class offers space for all women to experience meditation as an engaging practice. Grounded in feminine wisdom and free from religious and lineage teachings, participants explore an array of practices to ease stress, cultivate self-kindness and gather conscious tools to navigate every day life.

Meditation for Women can be enjoyed by beginners or experienced students; all women who desire a heartfelt connection with themselves. Participants are supported to establish a practice that embraces their unique essence, and in which unfolding awareness can be nurtured and stress and imbalance naturally dissipates.

No rules. No right-ways. The Guru is YOU.