Spend a day awakening to the unchanging essence of your being.

Without space to BE, we soon find outer doing in dis-harmony with our inner being. It is easy to become caught up in the play of culturally identified roles, achieving and acquiring, unable to slow down nor be present to life as it is. In elevating the needs of others and never truly acknowledging your desires, you may avoid exploring the life that is yours to live.

Awaken to Life is a full day immersion into your essential being. You are gifted the space to acknowledge that which is within you. Witness the conditioned mental and emotional stories that keep you from living in harmony with who you are. Experience transformational meditations and energy transmissions that facilitate a remembering of your inner essence. Cultivate conscious tools to live your wisdom.

At the heart of this retreat is space to experience your inner most Self. Reclaim the space within, currently occupied by unhelpful thought and unexpressed emotion. Accept the invitation to explore the conditioned beliefs ready for illumination and the intuitive prompts nudging you toward new possibilities for your life.

Awaken to who you are in the middle of a crisis. Awaken to who you are in boredom, confusion, pain and joy. Learn to be with all facets of being human.

Come if you feel called.

How you came upon this invitation I do not know, yet I’m glad you did! Energy is a funny thing, if you follow it, life starts to unfold with greater ease. If you feel a hard to explain pull to attend this retreat, this is your invitation to follow the energy of that which you feel. Have questions?

You can contact me here or on 0437 016 202.


The day will unfold to include teachings, meditation, self-reflection activities and group sharing. All is lovingly offered as signposts, re-orienting your attention inwards to directly experience your self and life as it is.

10.00 | Welcome

10.30 | The Conditioned Self; You are not who you think you are.

12.30 | Lunch (eaten off site – BYO and eat at a local park or visit one of the lovely local cafes)

1.30 | The Awakening Self; Awaken from the story of “me”

3.00 | Tea break and continued sharing

3.30 | The Evolving Self; Being who you are in the Present Moment

4.30 | Close


DATE: Sunday, Oct 21st

TIME: 10am – 4.30pm

WHERE: Palmyra Yoga Shala

BRING: Journal, water bottle, comfort items


Intimate and interactive gathering, limited to 8 attendees.

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