Ongoing work together is a conscious shift toward embodying your inner essence.

Guided to meet each client intuitively, individual sessions provide a welcoming, nurturing space in which to explore the aspects within your physical, emotional and energetic body creating the greatest challenge for you at this time. Held in a space of presence, you are free to give voice to the disconnect, stagnation and challenges in your life.

I work from the understanding that underneath the beliefs, stories and self-sabotage, lies the wisdom and power to navigate life from your true being. Your unfolding awareness is the healer. This is why at some point during each session we shift from dialogue to journeying inward. This may include guided meditation, sound, breath and energy work. Regular sessions facilitate a deeper understanding of yourself, how to move through resistance and show up consciously to your life.

At all times I remain open and flexible to how your individual session will unfold, holding us accountable to the wisdom that arises in the present moment.

Yes, the first step is hard. Fear will arise. Yet there is a gentle, kind and conscious way to navigate change in alignment with your authentic self.

Is this calling you?

My appearance as a mentor and life guide often arrives when life is directing a new way through. Perhaps at a time when you are navigating a fractured relationship, illness, overwhelm, lack of purpose or feelings of fear, disconnection or self-doubt. Such times are often accompanied with an awareness that your current relationship with life is not working. In my experience this is the moment you are ready to move beyond the story of “small me” and initiate yourself into a new way of being in everyday life.

I hold a perspective that you have everything within you to navigate life from a place of power and inner wisdom. Open to studying the tendencies of your mind and the wisdom of your body. Together we allow for the beliefs held within your subconscious; those ones keeping you from embodying your full self.

Regular sessions foster growing awareness and facilitate momentum and accountability through fear and resistance. Each session includes the integration of practical tools to develop a daily practice, access your intuition and make choices with integrity and authenticity.

My intuitive gifts lie in being able to identify the shadow energies present (the limiting beliefs, emotional stories and energetic impressions), alongside the deeper call to action you are awakening to.

Together we;

  • Identify the underlying beliefs that shape your current experience.
  • Clarify personal boundaries and choices that support the change coming through.
  • Introduce tools and daily practices to promote inner spaciousness and steadiness.
  • Discover your medicine; the gifts that connect you to your purpose and your essence.
  • Open/strengthen connection to Self, Soul, Life.

When you create the space for self and soul discovery, shifts happen. As the layers peel back, you re-connect with what you truly value, discover what needs to change, learn how much you can handle and hold awareness of the patterns likely to trip you up. You empower yourself to craft a life that supports you from the inside out.

Just wanted to say thank you sooooo much for our 1 on 1 session. It has been so helpful and I feel such a shift. I feel a lot calmer at ease and grounded.  So grateful for the experience and the tools you gave me.

I learned so much it’s been brewing away in my mind all week. I can’t thank you enough for holding such a constructive space. Thank you again for the amazing work that you do. That was such a valuable experience.

If I had to put all of my sessions with Liz into one word, it would be CLARITY. And it’s the best kind of clarity because it is coming from within ME, not from ideas given to me by an outside source.


Individual sessions are held in Palmyra, Western Australia or at your home by arrangement. Distance sessions are also available via Skype.

  • For an initial or single session allow for 90 mins at a cost of $130
  • For multiple or on-going sessions allow for 60 mins at a cost of $100

Each person’s situation is unique and I don’t like to package up what unfolds during 1:1 work. I recommend booking in for an initial session and we can co-create something that suits you and your circumstances.

Please contact me to discuss your individual needs by email below.

The journey to reclaiming ones self is not pretty, its certainly NOT easy and is not for the faint hearted. But it IS do-able. Especially under the guidance of Liz. Her no-nonsense approach, judgment- free practices and unblemished guidance has been exactly the right combination to help me get onto the best path for me and keep me there. The recurring thought is “lightness” when I think about the differences in me now. I know I’m not the only one who has noticed the changes in me and I am able to now look back and understand how I got to where I was. Thanks to Liz I am fully committed to this life-long journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and ultimately true happiness.

Tegan Cole

LIZ SMITH | Founder of Awaken to Life Coach, Mentor, Meditation Teacher and Group Facilitator.

Liz brings empathy and warmth to the inner work of self-awareness, inner spaciousness, self-healing and awakening to facilitate authentic empowerment in daily life. Through classes, retreats and individual sessions, Liz shares her love of cultivating simple practices in meditation, breath and body work, self-inquiry and self-healing to support others to embody who they are and experience more beauty, ease and meaning in life.

Read feedback from past clients, class and retreat participants. Have questions? Please email me here.