I have been working with Liz for a little over a year now, and in that time my life has transformed from the inside out. Through her gentle guidance and support, she has helped me to tap into the healing skills that were inside of me all along. I just needed someone to show me how to use them! Liz held space for me until I learnt to hold space for myself. I am stronger, healthier, happier, and more stable than I’ve ever been. ~ C. M

I contacted Liz when life was a bit of a muddle for me. I was on maternity leave from my corporate job with a baby and a toddler but had a niggling feeling like I had somehow lost my way. I struggled to work out what I should do from moment to moment and felt pulled in all sorts of directions. Liz and I embarked on a few months of chats and deep dives into some blockages I had created and while I don’t think my time with Liz is over, I certainly know what listening to your heart means (I thought it was some hokey pokey thing beforehand!). I am clear now on exactly what I truly value, what I need to stay grounded, how to practice self care and most importantly, what my heart is telling me as I have already found that, when you do, it leads you…well, home. ~ T.M.

Thank you dear Liz, for gifting us the opportunity to have those journeys. Thank you for crafting such a special evening. For holding exquisite space. To be held in a container still enough to allow one to drop, dive and delve around the heart space was a gift, Liz.  You acknowledged us. Gave us permission to open a door. Thank you for observing the women in our community. Thank you for hearing our voices and murmurings. For listening to the songs of our childhood. Our longing to be understood, united and connected in our future. Thank you for showing me where I reside. ~ Heart Meditation Attendee

Liz is simply divine, she is the sugar that helps the medicine of your life lessons go down. Her warmth and gentle guidance provides safe sanctuary for the truths of your soul to be heard. ~ K.A.

I want to say thank you for last night, I found it a truly amazing experience. I felt so much energy and light and so much more that words cannot describe. I feel blessed that I have been guided to you, you have such a beautiful gift to share. Much love & appreciation. ~ Heart Meditation Attendee

If I had to put all of my sessions with Liz into one word, it would be CLARITY. And it’s the best kind of clarity because it is coming from within ME, not from ideas given to me by an outside source. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t have all the answers about how I see my future path, but I’ve come to appreciate the journey rather than the destination. I now realise that having someone ask the right (and often tough) questions can help me break down my self-imposed barriers and trust my intuition to guide me towards solutions. ~ N.C.

The journey to reclaiming ones self is not pretty, it’s certainly not easy and is not for the faint hearted. But it IS do-able. Especially under the guidance of Liz. Her no-nonsense approach, judgment- free practices and unblemished guidance has been exactly the right combination to help me get onto the best path for me and keep me there. The recurring thought is “lightness” when I think about the differences in me now. I know I’m not the only one who has noticed the changes in me and I am able to now look back and understand how I got to where I was. Thanks to Liz I am fully committed to this life-long journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and ultimately true happiness. ~ T.C.

Liz, I can’t thank you enough for the clarity session I had with you. I walked in after months of feeling unsure and confused as to what direction to take with my career and I left feeling confident and sure of my next step. Within days of seeing you I committed to my course of study and I haven’t looked back. Without your guidance I wouldn’t have opened my eyes and heart to what I truly want and need from a career. I know wholeheartedly that my new career direction supports everything that I value and love, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you.” ~ F.R.

I wanted to share I now understand that to be in my body and be connected with my heart I need to learn to feel all emotions not just the happy positive ones. I understand I need connection to my deeper self again – my heart self. I have realised I give so much energy to everyone else !!! and that I don’t actually giveback to me in the form of “feeling” which would deplete my energy. I can still have self love and feel the shadows and darkness I have realised. ~ L . L

When I first got in contact with Liz, I was a lost soul and I didn’t know how to get out of my own head to be the woman who I longed to be. Thanks so much Liz for teaching me methods of being able to deal with things that I felt were out of my control. Seeing things more clearly now, has opened my mind to be able to work on being awesome in all areas of my life and dealing with issues when they arise in a sensible and logical way. ~ S.P.

Liz, I love what you do, it always speaks to me in one way or another. Everything you write is what I need to hear and read right now in my life. Finding you helped me back on the path of living how I truly wanted to. Everything I read rang true for me…made my heart sing and inspired me. You reinforced for me that I indeed didn’t have it wrong to follow my heart. It has given me the tools I always needed but didn’t have. Thank you Liz, I am excited for my future. ~ M.B.

I learned so much from our session and it’s been brewing away in my mind all week. I can’t thank you enough for holding such a constructive space. Thank you again for the amazing work that you do. I’m so thankful that people like you exist and use your gifts to make a difference. That was such a valuable experience for me.

Just wanted to say thank you sooooo much for our 1 on 1 session. It has been so helpful and I feel such a shift. I feel a lot calmer at ease and grounded.  So grateful for the experience and the tools you gave me. ~ K.W.

Liz thank you for creating such a beautiful space on Friday evening. It was an amazing group with such energy. I wanted to thank you for your contributions and guidance that allowed my solidness to emerge. ~ Heart Meditation Attendee

Looking forward to being there again…I never know what is going to surface. I just love that space & your calm energy. ~ Heart Meditation Attendee

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with space to clear my mind and soul and just be. I’m so grateful for the world you’ve opened me up to. ~ P + P Reteat Attendee

I found yesterday’s retreat freeing. Thank you for guiding us to a place of peacefulness and self-knowledge. ~ P + P Reteat Attendee