Liz, can I just say how very much I enjoyed the Heart Meditation – it provided me so much healing and release, and opened up so much that I owe to myself to explore further. Katie

My sessions with Liz are always so amazing even when they raise things you don’t expect. She is able to help you to facilitate major shifts in your life with so much love and kindness. I have also attended various workshops with her and always learn more about myself and new tools for everyday life. Danneal

I felt so many things…I shifted from weak and scared feeling to overly masculine and analytical, to calm, balanced and tuned-in. Your energy work brought me down into beautiful mother earth and up into the cosmos. I felt held by my spirit guides and nurtured by a strong motherly love, which was a foreign feeling. Your gifts are absolutely incredible, Liz. you are an incredible gift. Ash

I just wanted to thank you so much for holding such sacred space for me and for your guidance, intuition and healing. I just had to share with you that as I sat under a beautiful tree along the rivers edge tonight, all these butterflies came around me. I always ask the universe to show me signs that will surprise and delight me, ad I know that rainbows and butterflies are my sign. And in that moment, instead of feeling like I didn’t know where to begin, I realised I already had. Thank you for sharing your blessings with me. Much love, Emma.

I never expected to come as far as I have in my life in such little time, Liz has been the most incredible mentor and guide. Through my toughest times she really helped me look at things through new eyes, allowing me to come to my own conclusions and take control of my life. Whenever I needed positive affirmation she was there, it’s always so lovely to know you’re on the right path and what you’re doing is best for you. Love and light, Mikayla

I felt an immediate difference and feel quite empowered by it all! Thank you again for such an amazing session. I’m so glad I crossed paths with you. Simone

Thank you dear Liz, for gifting us the opportunity to have those journeys. Thank you for crafting such a special evening. For holding exquisite space. To be held in a container still enough to allow one to drop, dive and delve around the heart space was a gift, Liz.  You acknowledged us. Gave us permission to open a door. Thank you for observing the women in our community. For listening to the songs of our childhood. Our longing to be understood, united and connected in our future. Thank you for showing me where I reside. Danielle

I learnt so much from our session and it’s been brewing away in my mind all week. I can’t thank you enough for holding such a constructive space. Thank you again for the amazing work that you do. I’m so thankful that people like you exist and use your gifts to make a difference. That was such a valuable experience for me. 

My experience at your Peaceful and Present Retreat was powerful. It helped me clear and let go of a lot of stagnant negative energy. Following the retreat, I had so much positive energy and joy. I felt much lighter and clearer. I didn’t have any more tension in my body, just pure elation. Thank you for creating that space for me to clear and let go of that which was not serving me, so that I could open up to the new. Letting go of fear and worries can only make space for me to live from my heart. Shannon

Thank you so much! That was honestly an experience that will stay with me for life. I already feel more like myself and can’t believe all the things that surfaced. I am so so happy I found you. Rose

I felt I just had to take the time to write to you and let you know what beautiful words and guidance your Heart Wisdom cards have brought me. How perfectly the energy from your cards connects with my heart and soul and really clarifies what guidance I need. I just felt so lucky and blessed. So I want to say thank you (and your light council) for bringing these absolutely beautiful cards into peoples lives because I know for me that they have been just the icing on the cake in guiding me and bringing so much love and clarity into my day. I feel truly blessed to have your cards. Hannah

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with space to clear my mind and soul and just be. I’m so grateful for the world you’ve opened me up to.

Your energy guidance the past two months have been spot on for me 🙂 thank you for sharing ❤️. Hayley

I adore your Heart Wisdom cards, they have played a massive role in my postnatal mental health recovery. They helped me become acquainted with my “higher self” and have been so intuitive in guiding me along my spiritual journey.

I feel like your classes have really helped me to have some time and reflection for myself without any should’s and have to’s – it is just happening – which feels like a big shift for me – so thank you!

Liz I just wanted to say thank you again for all your guidance. You have helped me so much to trust and I know I am on the right path. With huge love always. Rachel.