There is a kind way to navigate transition.


Each tiny step I have taken to live an authentic life, required me to get uncomfortable and cultivate courage. As a sensitive, my mind and body tightly held onto stories of fear, unworthiness and judgement. Deeply fearful, I consistently ignored the pull to follow my knowing, until one day it became too painful to stay the same.

Through a dedication to cultivating conscious practices to soothe my body and settle my mind, connection with my conscious self grew stronger. With the support of holisitic mentoring, I was able to kindly question the conditioned beliefs that fed stories of not being enough. Only then and oh so slowly, could I tend to my wounds and honour the desire for a life of meaning, greater ease and deep beauty.

Today I live according to the cycles of nature as best I can. I trust my capacity within, to navigate life’s changing landscape. I’ve learned not to push that which is not ripe for transformation and creation. The struggle is less. The relationships are real. The beauty is right here.

Yes, the first step is hard. Fear will arise. Yet there is a gentle, kind and conscious way to navigate change in alignment with your authentic self. As a intuitive life coach, mentor and meditation teacher, I walk these steps with my clients. We all need someone to help walk us home.


Perfect for anyone who believes meditation is hard! I share simple tools to begin an effective and easy-to-commit-to practice of mind, body and breath awareness. Techniques shared are ideal for managing stress, overwhelm, anxiety and cultivating focused attention. Experience the joy that comes from sitting in stillness.


Underneath the beliefs, stories and self-sabotage, lies the wisdom and clarity to navigate life from your true being.Through conscious self-inquiry, guided meditation, sound, breath and body work, sessions facilitate a deeper understanding of yourself, how to move through resistance and show up consciously to your life.


Learn to grow a conscious relationship with the creative ideas that desire to be birthed by you. Explore the conditioned beliefs that are holding you back and discover conscious ways to navigate the challenges of bringing your ideas to the world. Plus practical tools for living as a conscious creative.



Individual sessions are held in the beautiful space at Palmyra Yoga Shala, free of distraction or interruptions. I am also available to travel (small additional cost may apply) and sessions are available via Skype.

  • For an initial or single session allow for 90 mins at a cost of $130
  • For multiple or on-going sessions allow for 60 mins at a cost of $100

I recommend booking in for an initial session and we can co-create something that suits you and your circumstances. You can reach out to me by email below.

LIZ SMITH | Founder of Awaken to Life Coach, Mentor, Meditation Teacher + Group Facilitator.

Liz brings empathy and warmth to the inner work of self-awareness, inner spaciousness, self-healing and awakening to facilitate authentic empowerment in daily life. Through classes, retreats and individual sessions, Liz shares her love of cultivating simple practices in meditation, breath and body work, self-inquiry and self-healing to support others to embody who they are and experience more beauty, ease and meaning in life.

Read feedback from past clients, class and retreat participants. Have questions? Please email me here.