Awaken to Life offers a variety of meditation events, classes and retreats. Each one creates opportunities to cultivate self-awareness, inner spaciousness, self-healing and authentic empowerment.


Women’s Meditation Workshop

Facilitated as a six week workshop, Meditation for Women offers a friendly and supportive space for all women to experience meditation as an intuitive and engaging practice. Free from religious and lineage teachings, participants explore an array of meditation practices.

Heart Meditation

Through gentle, conscious breathing, combined with the heart opening rhythm of the medicine drum, your meditation journey has the potential to gift you sacred medicine unique to your personal healing.

Meditation Mini Retreat

Peaceful + Present is a 3 hour retreat from the noise of the outside world, offering space for deep relaxation, self-inquiry and inner listening. When you get still and stay open to what arises in stillness, you gather precious gems that can help re-orient you back home.

Stay in touch to hear about new classes and retreats.