Heart-led sessions that tend to your heart & facilitate theย mending of your Soul.ย 


Life is not linear. My offerings continue to shape-shift and evolve in surrender to this path of service. The heart-led services shared here, reflect the changing needs of humanity awakening at this present time. I offer flexibility in the offerings below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, yet feel a strong resonance with me, I welcome you to reach out and together we can explore what needs tending and mending in your world.


Until the mind, body, heart and Soul are working together in coherence, inner conflict, imbalance, dis-ease and disconnection will continue.ย During a Soul Essence Healing session I support you through guided meditation, channeled guidance, earth-based and cosmic practices to illuminate and heal your Soul. Together we move through mind based fear, and enter the portal of your heart.


Sound and stillness are portals into the here and now, deeply relaxing the body and resting the mind. Sound meditation journey’s offer each individual a vastly different experience. Discover the soothing and balancing effects of sound for yourself by booking an individual or small group sound healing session.

LIZ SMITH | Founder of Awaken to Life, Energy Intuitive, Channel, Mentor, Meditation Teacher, Group Facilitator.

Liz brings empathy and warmth to the inner work of self-awareness, inner spaciousness, self-healing and awakening to facilitate authentic empowerment in daily life. Through classes, retreats and individual sessions, Liz shares her love of cultivating simple practices in meditation, breath and body work, self-inquiry and self-healing to support others to embody who they are and experience more beauty, ease and meaning in life.

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