What if meditation for women is not what you’ve been taught?


Do you struggle to maintain a meditation practice or believe you are doing it wrong? Over the years teaching and sharing meditation, I’ve come to understand meditation often requires a different approach for women.

What I notice when women begin to cultivate a meditation practice, is the commonality of all they are greeted with in the feminine experience. This often includes intense feelings, lots of thoughts, energetic baggage and let’s not forget the very real murmurs of unmet heart longings. In offering an embodied experience of meditation, women can more playfully find a doorway into a life of greater ease, beauty and meaning.

Here is what we know. Women are innately attuned to “taking care of everyone before themselves”. They are naturally empathetic, energetically and intuitively tuned in to their family, community and the greater world and cosmos. Often the most challenging step in our culture, is self-permission to slow down and create space to cultivate a practice.

In a world of ever increasing stress, women require the space to meet themselves with love, kindness and acceptance. To allow the full experience of a women awakening at this time, which is – let’s be honest – sometimes messy, yet wildly intuitive, highly sensory and a potent doorway to a life of ease, beauty and deep meaning.

Can you feel yourself held by the earth, by the cycles of nature, by the breath?

Open to the mystery and medicine of your unique feminine Self.


{ 8 Week Introductory Class }

Meditation for Women is a warm and welcoming introductory class for women seeking a nurturing approach to meditation. Facilitated as a 8 week class, it offers a supportive space for women to experience meditation as an intuitive and engaging practice. Grounded in feminine wisdom, participants explore an array of meditation practices to ease stress, cultivate self-kindness and gather conscious tools to navigate everyday life.

The classes can be enjoyed by beginners or experienced meditation students; all women who desire a heartfelt connection with themselves. Attendance over eight weeks supports women to intuitively establish a practice that embraces their unique essence. One in which unfolding awareness can be nurtured, and stress and imbalance naturally dissipates. No rules. No right-ways. The Guru is you.

I feel like your classes have really helped me to have some time and reflection for myself without any should’s and have to’s – it is just happening – which feels like a big shift for me – so thank you! ~ Class attendee

Thank you for providing the space and for being a conduit. Thank you for your gentle wisdom and engaged presence. I have loved softening and engaging with the energy of the group – thank you for this beautiful gift. ~ Class attendee

Experience a range of meditative practices that support the nervous system toward balance, the mind toward stillness and the heart towards openness:

  • Grounding
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Body awareness
  • Movement
  • Sound
  • Sensory pathways to innate wisdom
  • Feminine cyclical wisdom
  • Deep rest
  • Heart meditation
  • Reflection

Women naturally move toward greater creativity and productivity following periods of deep rest.


WHEN: Thursdays May 9th – June 27th

TIME: 7 – 8.30pm

WHERE: Palmyra Yoga Shala; McKimmie Rd

BRING: Water bottle, notepad/pen.


Limited to 10 attendees.

LIZ SMITH | Founder of Awaken to Life, Energy Intuitive, Channel, Mentor, Meditation Teacher, Group Facilitator.

Liz brings empathy and warmth to the inner work of self-awareness, inner spaciousness, self-healing and awakening to facilitate authentic empowerment in daily life. Through classes, retreats and individual sessions, Liz shares her love of cultivating simple practices in meditation, breath and body work, self-inquiry and self-healing to support others to embody who they are and experience more beauty, ease and meaning in life.

Read feedback from past clients, class and retreat participants. Have questions? Please email me here.