A return to sharing monthly energy guidance.

You may know that as an energy intuitive I have come in and out of sharing guidance over the past few years. It would seem I have arrived at a place in my personal journey where these messages once again feel necessary to share.

I tune in with the intention of understanding the themes that we are collectively navigating. I offer threads of guidance on how we can navigate shifts in both our internal landscape and the external, from a place of empowerment and love.

What I share next is the guidance I received on January 23 for the month of February. I also pulled a guiding card from the Heart Wisdom Oracle Deck to assist us in navigating the overall themes of the month ahead.


February is a month of forward movement. Lights shift from amber to green and with that shift, much of what you are moving forward this month would have been hinted at throughout January.

January served as a sorting basket for the contents of our mind, body and spirit. There was a Keep basket, a Let Go basket and even a Maybe basket for those ideas, thoughts or attachments that have not fully formed or come into clarity.

The integrating, waiting and resting of January is now over. That period gives way to a month of birthing new forms in February – right through to early May. When we speak of birthing we are of course referring to the manifestation of any new idea, relationship, project, business, community initiative, health approach or way of living that you are ready to pursue.

What manifests now is in an incubation phase. Yes, you are moving forward with your new idea, initiative or plan however do notice that slow, sustainable progression will serve you best through February. Some aspects of the new that is growing will continue to reshape as you refine what you are creating now.

There will be a temptation to move forward quickly, yet in doing this you may realise that old methods of conditioned pushing to create will result in obstacles for you. Slow, steady, considered creation will serve to ensure what you focus on now has longevity.

Spiritual Practice and Embodiment Tools

If spiritual practice is new for you, this month will see an increased interest in exploring practices that support connection to your Divine light, intuition and creative source.

For those with an established practice, your devotion will increase. Your practices will serve as a lifeline and anchor for you now. More than ever this month you will lean upon the practices and tools that support you to be present to your body and the wisdom held within you.

  • Lean into the tools that have gotten you to this point in your growth.
  • Feeling into your body to gather information and clarity will become the norm now.
  • Less and less will you rely on outer sources to connect you with what feels aligned internally.
  • Move slow enough to feel the yes, no and maybe that arises in your body.

If you are unsure how to move forward, it may be that your indecision is serving as an opportunity to move more slowly or even stop. From here you can learn the subtleties of your inner body as a guide and anchor for your Soul path.

Creation and Manifestation

February is a month for creation and it is also a month in which you are learning to experience creation as a full body experience. What your mind believes it wants may give way to the inner voice of your heart’s desires. The mind is being honed for its intended purpose.

As people, places and opportunities arrive to assist you this month, checking in with your body will become a key practice.

You may wish to ask yourself…

Does this opportunity, activity, relationship or path support a feeling of balance in my body?

If you are unsure what balance feels like in your body, remind yourself of a time in your life when everything felt in flow and easeful.

Potential Pitfalls in February

This month it will be helpful to be mindful of three things: over-committing, undervaluing and right timing.

  • Over-committing yourself or others – Know your personal limits and honour your boundaries and the boundaries of others. Again you are reminded that your subtle body will be a barometer for this – slow down to listen to your body’s cues. It is of no benefit to yourself or anyone to commit to projects or even spiritual practices that deep down you know you can’t sustain at this time.
  • Undervaluing yourself or others – Following two significant months of focussed healing in December and January, this month is the time to step into your worth. Understand that your energy output is finite in this human form, choose wisely what relationships and projects are worth your time and energy. The days of under valuing your time and efforts are over as we collectively move toward fair and sustainable energy exchange.
  • Right timing – Some ideas and projects will not progress this month. Notice where you are pushing, as not every idea, opportunity or pathway is ready to evolve at this time. Discerning where there is flow in your life as opposed to stagnant or up-hill push, will assist you to bring your energy to what is ready to manifest.

Card Reading

To assist us in navigating the energy of February we have the Heart Wisdom card HUMILITY.

The card reads:

The capacity of your heart to awaken continues to grow. Humble yourself. For you can not possibly know all there is to know. As you soften and heal one layer of your heart, you’ll soon cycle around to discover that deeper levels  of healing are possible. Stay humble to the mystery of life. Reside in your heart.

Get comfortable with knowing nothing as you may discover this month that many truths co-exisit together.

Through out February and the months to follow you will notice new information come to light around themes of health and well-being. As humanity collectively awakens to previously unseen agendas, it is wise to assume that much remains unknown in life.

Personal sovereignty will arise through an alignment to your hearts knowing – wisdom will be gained through exploring your inner landscape and the pain points held in the body.

Opportunities to come into relationship with your inner health and vitality system are increasing now. If you sense that your outer landscape continues to muddy the waters, here lies an invitation to know the Self more deeply. Notice what feels restrictive in your body. Explore what feels expansive in you.

Opportunities to heal and release heart pain will arrive quickly this month. Your capacity to move through disappointment, shame and pain will expand. Healing speeds up. Pain stories release with more ease. As you follow your awakening you can choose to feel, release and move toward higher vibrational creations and manifestations.

Stay humble to not knowing. Notice the tendency to attach to outer narratives and when you do, return to the truth as spoken through your heart. Each of you hold a unique piece of the puzzle of humanities awakening. Simply rest and expand through the healing and awakening of your individual hearts journey.

Maintaining a compassionate view towards all beings and all perspectives will support your heart to stay open to creating the bountiful life you came here to experience.