March is a month of mayhem. Whether you’re looking outside of yourself or within, life may appear chaotic to yourself and to others. However, your understanding of energy and conscious growth is supporting you to view chaos as a necessary upheaval that can assist further alignment on your Soul path.

As I share this with you I am shown the image of tectonic plates moving against each other. This is how daily life may feel in March.

The friction of opposing ideas/worlds/opinions and lifestyles will be a catalyst for change.

The changes you experience are a direct response to the new conscious choices you have been making. These choices are helping form a steady foundation for the blossoming version of Self and life that is emerging.

The energy this month builds on from February. Similar themes, yet greater intensity and clarity.

You may continue to experience periods of tiredness, yet your energy will renew more quickly. Life is moving at a faster pace. New opportunities will appear rapidly now.

Your inner voice and connection with your intuition is clearer. Trust what you feel. Yes, no and maybe come more easily, both in clarity and in the method of communicating your needs and boundaries.

Key themes for March

1. Rapid healing – Let the lava flow

On the world stage life gets even messier this month. Be mindful of how you digest the flow of world events and information streams. It is wise to strengthen your boundaries and get clear on the energy of people, places and practices that best serve an expression of peace.

Cracks and breaks that appear in the surface of your life are encouraging a flow of stuck and unprocessed energy to rise. Allow the depths of your shadow to ooze out and flow in full view.

Healing will be rapid. Painful or challenging experiences are serving to create a new foundation. From this foundation future versions of yourSelf and your creations can safely build and grow.

2. Don’t run – Pay attention

You have enough practice in shadow work (illuminating and processing the energy of unconscious thoughts and emotions) to better handle what is rising to the surface this month. Don’t run from your feelings – pay attention to them and support their release.

Old habits and ways of being will be recognised more quickly. Your capacity to deal with challenges grew enormously in February. New skills in emotional steadiness are anchoring more deeply in your being. You are what you were becoming.

Belief systems that are rooted in external sources are crumbling rapidly. Notice where your attention goes. Where have you attached to external ways of living your life?  Seeking answers and reassurance outside of yourself?

As you notice old tendencies to outsource your wisdom, you can quickly re-orient back to your heart though out March.

3. Go with the forward motion or get left behind

From early March you will not only feel the energy of creation pulling you forward, solutions will appear that help you anchor these changes. The suggestion is to go with the forward motion or get left behind.

What manifests now is a part of a collective new creation. You are a part of it. A co-creator. The brave, conscious choices you have made are contributing to higher vibrational ways of living on the Earth.

Bold solutions are on offer now. They will likely not resemble solutions, thoughts and ideas that you were considering two years ago or even six months ago. Go with it.

Humanity is manifesting solutions in the way we communicate, co-parent, co-work, co-create and collaborate. Along side chaos, pockets of excitement and relief will also be felt this month.

A unifying energy is emerging. It is clear that you no longer need to do it alone. Solutions that unify you with a colleague, partner, family member, co-op or community are arriving thick and fast.

This is occurring across all areas of life and is particularly obvious in the areas of well-being, paths of service and career, family connections and grass roots communities.

Ride the train. You are being led to a completely new way to live


4. Health and wellbeing is in your hands

As I listen for the next theme for March I hear the words “the great experiment”.

You have collected ideas, opinions and beliefs from various sources outside of yourself. Now begins the great experiment. Trying on new methods to support your vitality and sifting out what doesn’t fit for your unique system.

There are no short cuts to this process. Well-being is yours to master.

More and more you will notice people around you are taking ownership over their health. The key factor in this great experiment is a willingness to listen to your system (body) and play.

Notice what you are digesting well and what you may wish to leave out. This experiment is occurring in all areas of your life, including nourishment and consumption of food, drinks, media, people, products and public spaces.

Everything is up for review.

Whilst the title of March mayhem suggests chaos this month, it refers to the fast forward movement in many areas of life. The structures that do not support an expansion of consciousness are breaking apart.

The aftermath has a tsunami effect, reaching far and wide to touch the masses. Surf the tsunami, there is no need to drown under the weight of outer or internal chaos.

Card Reading

To assist us in navigating the energy of February we have the Heart Wisdom card STRETCH.

The card reads:

Life is not to be lived merely in comfort. To be awake and alive to life is to experience the stretching of your Self. Question the beliefs and stories that keep you comfortable. Let your heart awaken to ideas, dreams and callings that both excite and scare you. To stretch is to grow into the heart of who you are.

Comfort will feel like a luxury in March. Energy is moving fast. You will be supported to stretch beyond what you know and the ways you have navigated life in the past.

The inspiration that flickers in your heart is waiting for you to go beyond what feels comfortable this month. Lean in to the chaos. Yield to the stretch of your wildest desires. Allow your heart to become elastic – capable of stretching into a new form.

The rehearsal is over. Take your place upon the stage of your life.