April exhale – You have survived the stretch and now there is room to breathe.

Did you heed the lessons of March? Do you know what you need to better take care of yourself – to continue honouring your light?

The lessons have arrived with speed. It needed to be this way. The teachings have been swift, as has your growth.

Can you see a new truth emerging in your life now? We wish to pause here as it is our intention to highlight your lessons (learning experiences) and ensure they have anchored before we share on the energy to come.

Come now – exhale! With each exhale we welcome you to let go of the past. Soften into the containers, pathways and structures that will begin to form for you in April.


Key Themes for April

Following an inward energy expression in March, April once again pulls us outward into the greater world around us. A core held belief, value or perspective has shifted. April will see you putting structures in place that support this core change.

  1. Sort through and gather information

There is a sorting through and gathering of information, ideas and personal needs to be completed this month. The practical leg work begins, as does the research, conversations and commitment to the ways that best serve the alignment of your Soul. You are encouraged to show up to the conversations and planning that needs to occur.

Get behind the ball and walk steadily to keep it moving along the path.

As with each time I talk about “new ways” you will know what this applies to in your individual life. For you it may be a new approach to relationship, career, projects, a work partnership, well-being protocol or family dynamics.

I am shown phone calls, emails, connection and conversations that form a large part of the doing in April. It may feel busy yet it’s a productive busy. The “goal” is insight. The term “goal” simply refers to a desired outcome. This will be achieved now through the new intuitive steps born out of a shift in perspective, a breakthrough in beliefs or change in action/behaviour.

Distractions from the activities that support the “goal” will not serve you this month. If you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of old habits, the stuckness will be obvious and hard to ignore. This is a direct result of the inner work you completed in March – you know the habits and practices that support your best self.

To stay the course in April:

  • Create a vision board to help you stay focussed and inspired.
  • Share your desired change/goal/vision with a friend who can help keep you accountable.
  • Work with a to do list, a coach, a mortgage broker, a teacher – the people who can help you stay on task.
  1. Pause often to keep energy (love) flowing

Intentional pauses will be the glue that hold you together this month. Plan pauses in-between tasks, meetings, conversations and activities.

Lay on the floor.

Pull weeds.

Rub your feet.

Sit in the sun.

Each time you consciously choose to press pause amid the doing in April, you are honouring the greater “goal” – your Soul’s path.


  1. Family bonds are tightening

This month it may feel like the threads that connect you and your earth family or Soul family get pulled tighter. A closeness forms between those you share and trust your life with.

As you move toward your human and Soul goals, everyone around you receives what they also individually need. There is a ripple effect to following your heart. Your commitment to your Soul’s path serves the greater collective.

Old patterns that have continued to sabotage family bonds are unwinding. New ways of relating are emerging. Steady yourself through the changes ahead. Cement new ways of relating with authentic communication.


  1. Spaciousness is at a premium

You may experience your boundaries being tested through April. I hear “maintain the new that is anchoring through”.

In other words, continue to practice and embody what you have been cultivating in daily life. Space arises from within. Therefore you may find it helpful to reduce the clutter in your mind, body and heart. Keep working to remove the habits and addictions that keep you disconnected from your Soul essence.

If you want to experience more peace – be peaceful.

If you want to experience more joy – be joyful.

If you want to experience more health – be healthful.

If you want to experience more spaciousness – be spacious.

Whilst it may seem that your personal time and space is limited, lean in to perceived limitations as a practice to cultivate more of the qualities that support your best Self.


Card Reading

To assist us in navigating the energy of March we have the Heart Wisdom card FLOW.

The card reads:

The flow of life is available to you at all times. To tap into it, go beyond unconscious doing. Follow the rising joy in your heart. Let it lead you to activities that help you lose all sense of self and time. Engage in the flow by being present to tasks that simultaneously challenge and excite you.

Can it really be that simple or easy? To do more of what you love? Perhaps the answer is yes AND no. Did the energy of March feel easy? Perhaps not AND yet it has led you to choices that are more aligned with who you are now.

Can you relax into the paradox that the experience of flow requires both tension and release? Lean in moments and pure bliss? Stretch and give?

The last few weeks have served to stretch you and your mind created beliefs and ideas. The more you surrender your conditioning, the more space is created to observe the divine flow of Self that was always here.

April is your exhale. You’ve held yourself through the stretch of March and now you are invited to soften and Flow through April.

Flow with the opportunities, perceived hurdles, conversations and tasks that arise this month. All is unfolding for your highest good. There is nothing you need to know other that what arises in the present moment. Awakening to life is an experience of Divine flow.

Take comfort in knowing that all is as it should be. You are held in the flow of life.

Notice resistance as the minds fear filled attempts to know the future or hold on to the past.

What is occurring in your life now is for the alignment of your highest potential.

You are held, you are safe, you are loved.

All is well.