* Channel from the Council of Crystalline Light*

This month, stories within stories are unfolding. What we mean when we say this, is that you may notice at this time, threads of a past life story, this life and future life potentials are unraveling together.

In April many of you experienced the completion of karmic cycles that have impacted upon you heavily in this life time. This karma had you moving in circles for many years. The discomfort endured has been extensive. There were experiences to be learnt from. Many of your people have now integrated these experiences and have an understanding of their aligned needs and purpose. We are so pleased that you have grasped the opportunity to view your experiences from this higher perspective, and to move beyond them.

You now stand at an open door to a Soul potential that benefits not only you – you are coming together in agreement with Soul mates, and Soul family. Together you will complete the tasks assigned to your Soul in this life time.


Key Themes for May

(as interpreted by Liz)

  1. Don’t get ahead of yourself – all that is occurring is unfolding in right timing. Practice staying in the present. Your mind can not fathom the depth of synchronistic happenings that are occurring in May. It will serve best to stay behind the energy and allow life to unfold in agreement with your Soul’s purpose.
  2. Stay in your lane – there is a stronger temptation for comparison at this time. Avoid this at all cost. Comparison is a lower vibrational expression that pulls you out of the frequency you have been working so exquisitely to maintain. Keep your eyes on your path, follow the breadcrumbs that lead to the next intuitive step. There is no time for second guessing how you got here, nor wondering if this path is the right one. All is in energetic alignment.
  3. Prayer Power – however you choose to frame the practice of being in scared union with the Divine, this is where your power lies. Be in union as often as possible. Prayer power is especially potent this month. Ask and you shall receive. All is aligned for the highest expression of your Soul to emerge.
  4. Be open to change – Your life details are up for review. Allow yourself to loosen your grip around ideas of how things must be. There may be some swift U-turns this month, however each change in direction helps you clarify your intention, and fine tune the expression you are stepping into. Embrace change as a necessary atunement for your Soul. 

Overarching Theme

Reclaiming your personal power

As you unwind the stories within stories this month, the end game is the return of personal power. How this plays out in your life will be in direct relationship to the areas of your life where there has been a loss of power.

Some examples of where we are calling back our power and choosing supportive ways forward are in:

Relationship to consumption; food, drink, drugs, medicines, spending, over-thinking, over-working, fantasising, and spirituality have all been up for personal review.

Relationship to others; fear based manipulation, drama based communication, power-over dynamics resulting in paralysis.

In May we see the culmination of the inner work we have been doing. Power dynamics shift and reorganise. Choices will arise that support a reclamation of your personal power. Soul is doing a metaphorical happy dance.

There can no be a return of inner power without the death of an old layer of Self.

Your task is to hold space as the “stories within stories” reshuffle this month. As a shift occurs in your healing, clarity will arise and new pathways are set. To hold space is to allow the emergence of all that is aligned for you. Be gentle with yourself as you notice resistance. Resist the temptation to allow old habits to obscure the new life that is unfolding for you.

Remember the key themes to help you navigate the energy:

  • Don’t get ahead of yourself
  • Stay in your lane
  • Prayer Power
  • Be open to change


Card Reading

To assist us in navigating the energy of March we have the Heart Wisdom card BEAUTY.


The card reads:

Let beauty be medicine for a hurting heart. Surround yourself with the untamed beauty of nature. Let it teach you how to be with pain, sorrow and disappointment. Find comfort in the mysteries of the natural world. Consider the lotus flower who must first grow through the mud to reach full bloom.

* Direct Channel *

Dear Ones,

We ask you to be patient at this time. There is a great re-ordering of power taking place.

Allow what is not of you to rise up to the surface. Do not fear the mess of unexpressed suffering. Hold yourself wisely, all is not in vain.

You are the holder of a new frequency that is emerging through you. Your suffering is not new, it has been with you all along. See your suffering for what it truly is – a divine opportunity to return to yourSelf. In oneness and in togetherness with the many who travel through this life with you.

Your challenges are in service to the highest expression of you. Trust in this, and the re-ordering of power that will have you reclaim your light in its fullness.

It is done. Many blessings to you all.