It is June 30th and I am sitting down to gather the energetic themes of July for our Awaken to Life community. I have felt themes dropping in for a week now, however as they arrived I didn’t make space to jot them down. Part of me wonders if it’s too late now? As I tune in, I simultaneously observe a feeling of fatigue inside of myself. I suspect that I’m not alone in that.


I am gently reminded that July is a month of integration. The first half of 2022 has been gruelling for some. Nervous systems are spent, smiles have worn thin, heart dreams gave way to immovable realities and still we brace for inevitable rounds of future destruction, death and dis-ease. 

The women who anchor the light are tired. Awakening has been in fast forward for the past two years. The shifts, changes and integrations have been a lot on sensitive systems. Moving forward to wade through more inner muck, continuing only because they recognise the light that they are. It’s been a lot.

In spite of the tiredness, something new has been emerging – an inner container had been growing inside of yourself to hold it all. 

There are those who are destined to show up to life raw, real and deeply feeling. And what you have been learning is to allow for feeling, without spilling outside of the containers that hold you. From a place of grounded being, you are better able to hold your emotional depth and glean the wisdom held within. 

This learning doesn’t happen in the ethers. Nor does it occur via ancient esoteric texts. Growth happens in being present in your body and in daily life. Learning to move pain and discomfort through your physical vessel. Daring to rest into softness. Willing to be seen by a world that expects you to push beyond, ignore or positive vibe your way of it. Remembering the wisdom of your cyclical nature.

It is to these women that the monthly energy guidance is written for. A love letter, a resource and an anchor from which to navigate these depths – Self awakening in challenging times.

Today the guidance is brief.

Rest. Integrate. Allow. You can’t know what is coming.

With that, please enjoy this brief excerpt along with a card pull from the Heart Wisdom Oracle Deck.


Theme: The Nuance of New Beginnings

There is something rather intangible about the new beginnings and next steps that are rising within you. Almost as if you know that something new is waiting for you, yet you can’t quite see or grasp the details. In fact if you were to try and speak it, there would not be words. Such is the subtlety of living a Soul led life.

Allow yourself to remain in the winter of your heart. July is a moment of integration, tending and holding steady in the great unknown. Whilst you’ll notice the inspiration to create in July, go slow, you’re still growing your sea legs.

With the end of June comes the completion of another intense round of heart healing. Self-love was the overarching theme last month. Perhaps like me, you have come out the other side a little tired, yet glistening in new skin. What have you learned? What have you left behind? What is yet to be integrated into your system?

Perhaps the most incessant question asked by impatient minds is “what comes next?”

I imagine Spirit laughs at that. Like a new baby birthed earth side, first you learn to crawl. 


Card Reading

To assist us in navigating the energy of July we have the Heart Wisdom card ALLOW.

The card reads:

“To let go of the beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that hinder an awakening heart, first allow. Feel the fullness of your beliefs. Do they support a natural flow of aliveness in you? Had steady as you. bravely allow feelings to be felt. You cannot know what needs to be released until you allow them into your experience.”

Burying your emotional Self won’t serve you in July. The thoughts and feelings that rise now, offer you an opportunity to see things as they are. Validate your inner emotional world through kind, loving attention. Keep moving in the direction of your heart – a portal to the Divine. Those that show up to their inner feeling world will be showered with insight and connection.

I am shown a wall of warrior women emerging through the mist. They are weary from battle, yet their arms are raised in celebration. These are the warriors of the heart, unflinching in their devotion to living this path. They sense the depths of feminine wisdom that can return Earth to a state of harmony and balance.

If you have spent decades behind the walls of your heart’s facade – go gently now. Find the people, places and practices that can support you to awaken through the heart. The journey may be long, yet it’s lined with moments of beauty that can strength your resolve and renew your commitment.

Sending love and blessings as we navigate July together,

Liz x