* Channel from the Council of Crystalline Light *

Is this true? A question to guide you and yet we pause to ask – guiding you where? Yes, enjoy where you are, enjoy where you are going and we implore you, do not fall into a human trap of thinking that you have arrived. We understand your longing for the unraveling of Self to end, and yet we lovingly say that this is what you came here for. Unraveling is the essence. With each layer that peels away, you are expanding consciousness upon the earth and into the ethers.

Allow us to remind you that your experience of life is bigger than this Earth game. You have lived upon this Earth many times. Remember Soul that led you here. To experience, to re-remember, to awaken from the illusion that you are seperate to us, or seperate to anything for that matter.

If your heart is open to receive this transmission, how could it not be so that you are in some part, us, a multi-dimensional being of immeasurable potential. For if not us, then who? Who are you as you receive these words. Who might you be as your heart energy responds to this transmission? You of course are the one and the many. A sacred part of the whole.

If this is true, how might you breathe and move today? If there is nothing to be done other than the unraveling of Self?

Ah June, here you are. A long anticipated moment of rebirth. No doubt in May you have noticed that something significant in your life has been dropping away? Maybe you’re noticing certain people exiting your life? Or a project or work commitment has fallen away. A long held vision for your future has shifted. Perhaps health matters are talking through your body, prompting you to observe a sabotaging pattern that needs further support.

Alongside the letting go, you may be aware that something new is emerging on the horizon. This month the “new” (relationship, house, project, baby, community, study…) will further crystallise. Whilst something within you has already said yes, and it would seem that your inner resolve may be tested in early June. As you integrate “new skin”, a guiding question has arrived. This question can be asked many times as you move toward mind, body and heart alignment now and in the months to follow.

Guiding question: Is this true?


Key Themes for June

1. Unsteady in your new skin

As with all birthing processes, there will be a short period of unsteadiness. No different to a baby learning to crawl, or a baby bird discovering its wings, in early June you may have the wobbles. Be gentle with yourself as you explore a new world – a world that you have co-created through following your desires and surrendering to a higher path. Own your energy and the ways you wish to direct it. As self-doubt creeps in, ground often and surround yourself with the people who know your heart. Time spent with kindreds will soothe you as you find steadiness in new skin.

2. Self belief is a muscle, exercise it often.

I am shown the image of a hamster in a wheel – chasing itself. You need only seek the love of self. We have arrived at a pivotal moment, the acceptance of self is the way forward. The self-birthing process will continue whether you are aware of it or not. How much skin you have available to stretch into, may depend on the amount of space you have to hold new perspectives, supportive habits and ways of living. Conditioned thoughts with a flavour of self-doubt, fear, over-analysis, indecision and striving will continue to cycle through to test you. June offers an opportunity to stretch your self-belief muscle. As you catch a conditioned thought or behaviour on replay, pause and ask: Is this true?

3. Hold space for the bigger picture

As you heal, a natural effect of coming into greater wholeness is the call to share your light with the world. Consciousness breeds consciousness. To withhold love (yourself), is not in the nature of consciousness. When I talk about sharing with the world, allow me to clarify that “the world” may be sharing your garden and homegrown veggies with your neighbour. It may be the community centre you operate. Or the family members you care for. Whatever your call to service is, as you heal and return to love, you will continue to stretch through discomfort to share your light with others. 

4. Love is the mantra

Let love be your mantra. June is an opportunity to anchor deep and embody self-love. As doubt, confusion or despair arise in your body (as contraction, heaviness or numbness), ask if these sensations are a true representation of who you are. Is it true that you can’t soften your gaze? Is it true that you can’t relax through the belly? Ask your eyes, your belly or any part of your body that is holding on; what would love do?


Card Reading

To assist us in navigating the energy of June we have the Heart Wisdom card SELF-LOVE.

The card reads:

“Self-love is not a task to be accomplished. It is an ongoing awakening to the love that is you. This is an invitation to lovingly accept your whole Self—warts and all. How might your inner voice change if you embrace yourself with an awakened heart? How can you practice self-love today?”

Through out June you will be reminded many times, and in many ways, what choosing to love yourself can look like in your life. You won’t have to search far to witness the parts within you that are not expressing love fully. A lack of love will be reflected through the people and communities you are in relationship to.

You’ll see an abundance or lack of self-love as reflected in those that:

  • see your light and encourage it to shine.
  • see your light and reflect frustration that you don’t see it too.
  • see your light and want it for themselves.
  • see your light and are inspired to shine theirs.

Perhaps here is where the question Is this true? can offer a sweet moment to acknowledge the old skin that is still shedding, as you move toward the birthing of yourself yet again.

Thank you for shining your light. Thank you for being willing to love the parts of yourself that help others to shine too. May all beings benefit from the love that you are.

June blessings to you all xo