Lead with your heart.

In August you begin to express the integration of your Soul through the mind, body and heart. Clarity has arrived and new choices lead to new creations. As you grow to trust the wisdom that arises through your heart, paths become clear. What you bring your energy to will having a lastly impact in your world.

That being said, it’s not all expansion and light this month. August may begin with an intense reminder of something that must be left behind in order to live in integrity with Soul. Whilst some events may deliver a jolt to sensitive systems, lean into the opportunities that help you celebrate all that you have discovered about yourself this year.


Key Themes for August

1. Unexpected opportunities for forgiveness

Past hurts will resolve this month. Unexpected connection and communication arrives via people from the past. There is an opportunity to clear the air in current and past relationships, and clarify future connections. Forgiveness is felt in the body as hearts soften to release old hurts.

2. The urge to move forward

Light energy abounds. Paths become clear, plans move forward and the urge to move with them is strong. The veil has lifted on sabotaging patterns, freeing you to course correct and pave a new path. Glass ceilings imposed by yourself, others or life circumstances are lifting. New-found awareness enables you to move beyond that which previously thwarted growth and progress. Every decision that you make in alignment with your heart is moving you forward this month.

3. Self-care paths solidify

You’ll find it easier to continue with self-care! Empowering practices ensure your aligned intentions stay the course. Your commitment to self-care will be the anchor that holds you steady. Trust what you have been cultivating in recent months – breath, movement, nourishing meals, new kinds of therapy, singing classes! Your willingness to love your warts and all Self will support you to move through all that desires to be experienced and achieved.

4. Final jolt to ignite change

Early in August you may experience a “final” jolt to the system that serves to ensure you’re following your life and Soul path. Lean into unexpected discomfort and allow each experience to share deeper wisdom with you. Let the change you make be the change that foremost serves your Soul.


Overarching Theme

Trust what you feel. Trust what you hear. Trust the subtleness of life that is laying breadcrumbs for you to follow.

Letting go comes with greater lightness. You will be moved by the knowing in your heart, the yes in your belly, the tingle in your fingers or through the synchronicities that daily life delivers. Trust in the light that has returned to your Soul.

Enjoy this time when new ideas sprout and opportunities arrive. Alongside the enjoyment, remember that this period of newness is one aspect of a larger cycle at play – you continue to move in cycles. However, what solidifies in this cycle has a lasting impact on years of cycles to come.

Note: If your current life experience is heavy, confusing or frenetic, you might like to seek guided healing support to honour where you are in the cycles at play. 


Card Reading

To assist us in navigating the energy of August we have the Heart Wisdom card LIFE LESSONS.

The card reads:

” Throughout life, you will encounter lessons already agreed upon before your birth. These lessons appear as teachers in your life. Stay open to learning—no matter how difficult the lessons appear to be. As you learn from this current lesson, the cycle will complete. And a new level of awareness and ease will arise.”


Alongside feelings of expansion this month you may experience some clunkiness as significant pieces of your current life puzzle drop in. Letting go can feel disorienting as you remain in the liminal space of one path ending and a new one yet to begin. The discomfort may result in an urge to hold on to old commitments, people and paths that no long serve the path of your Soul.

August will see you visit past experiences with a repeating flavour. This period can assist you to understand past events from an expanded perspective, and help you make choices that support you to move on. With greater understanding your heart can release another layer of judgement, resistance and suffering.

Wishing you much love and newness this month,

Liz x