About Awaken to Life

A safe sanctuary for women on the path of healing and awakening, and are navigating challenging times.

Cultivate beauty, ease and meaning in daily life.

For a woman to heal deeply, she must be willing to learn how to hold herself in the unknown. That liminal space between one path ending and a new path yet to begin. A place in which clarity arrives when you least expect it. Sometimes through conflict or dis-ease. Where your body talks and wisdom is shared.

In my experience, authentic healing occurs in the integrity of well intentioned containers that recognise your capacity for Self healing. Awaken to Life is devoted to offering healing containers that meet you where you are, empowering you to learn how to hold and heal yourSelf.

Through practical teachings, energy healing and somatic energy practices, you are encouraged to grow a relationship to what challenges you. In this way an unexpected illness, death of a parent, loss of a job, desire for purpose or an overwhelmed nervous system can be opportunities to learn how to tend to what you need.

Shift Energy & Connect With Your Intuition

A woman’s body is a portal to authentic power. The kind of power that can bring us, and the world, back into balance through heart-based service, inspired action and creative works.

Awaken to Life introduces gentle somatic energy practices using breath, movement and sound, along with body and cycle awareness, to assist women to connect with energy in the body.

The AWAKE Method is offered as a somatic energy healing practice to acknowledge, soothe and release discomfort and dis-ease in the mind, body and heart. You’re invited to learn more or experience a guided session for yourself.

Following Energy as a Path to Wholeness

For the past six years my heart has been entwined with Following Energy and the work of Staci Boden. Staci’s work gifted me a place to anchor roots in somatic energy guided work. Following Energy has emerged as a pathway that offers folks a practical approach to move through life’s transitions, and consciously grow through challenges. From push to flow, disconnected to connected or from overwhelmed to balanced living, the applications for Staci’s work are extensive. The rewards are just as tangible. Following Energy supports you over time to cultivate personal healing tools and inner resources, as you grow awareness and relax into life.

In addition to somatic energy guided work, as an energy intuitive and channel, I offer intuitive Soul healing and mentoring sessions to support your healing and awakening. I welcome you to explore more below.

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Community Kindness

I never expected to come as far as I have in my life in such little time, Liz has been the most incredible mentor and guide. Through my toughest times she really helped me look at things through new eyes, allowing me to come to my own conclusions and take control of my life. Whenever I needed positive affirmation she was there, it’s always so lovely to know you’re on the right path and what you’re doing is best for you.

~ Mikayla

I felt I just had to take the time to write to you and let you know what beautiful words and guidance your Heart Wisdom cards have brought me. How perfectly the energy from your cards connects with my heart and soul and really clarifies what guidance I need. I just felt so lucky and blessed. So I want to say thank you (and your light council) for bringing these absolutely beautiful cards into peoples lives because I know for me that they have been just the icing on the cake in guiding me and bringing so much love and clarity into my day. I feel truly blessed to have your cards.

~ Hannah

I just wanted to thank you so much for holding such sacred space for me and for your guidance, intuition and healing. I just had to share with you that as I sat under a beautiful tree along the rivers edge tonight, all these butterflies came around me. I always ask the universe to show me signs that will surprise and delight me, ad I know that rainbows and butterflies are my sign. And in that moment, instead of feeling like I didn’t know where to begin, I realised I already had. Thank you for sharing your blessings with me.

~ Emma