About Liz

Energy Intuitive, Channel & Somatic Energy Guide


Years of spiritual seeking has taught me that the magic and mystery of life is right here – in the ordinary moments of everyday life. I no longer seek outside of myself – I follow energy – and practice acceptance of the many twists and turns this human experience gifts us.

My earliest memories are of being easily attuned to others and highly sensitive to the world around me. Empathy, compassion, overwhelm and dysregulation have all been a part of my story. It wasn’t until I experienced my first spiritual awakening in 2012 that I began to explore how to better manage my energy and multi-sensory gifts.

As I questioned the conditioning that drove me to push and strive beyond my sensitive nature, my intuition awoke in a whole new way. I began growing a relationship with energy and my multi-dimensional self. This has included connecting with non-physical beings here to assist me and others along a path of genuine awakening and healing.

Answering the Call

Each offering at Awaken to Life has been birthed through a journey into the depths of my personal healing.

In daily life I am a mother to three “out of the box” children and partner to my beloved (and thankfully very grounded) husband. In my working life I’m an energy intuitive, channel and women’s guide. Almost daily these aspects of myself are entwined as I find myself bringing energy work to motherhood, and my mothering instincts to client work.

In addition to practicing energy medicine and earth-based ways, I have acquired certification as a life coach, meditation teacher and in trauma informed care. I have also completed training in energy medicine and somatic energy guide work. However the most illuminating teachings have been learnt on the ground and through the ethers, following the call of my Soul.

Embodying My Path

I believe women are awakening en masse to remember the wisdom that lives within them. This wisdom has the potential to return us to being in sacred balance with all of life. To be honest thou, I’ll be grateful if we can simply learn to be kinder as we navigate challenging times. Maybe you want that too?

My journey has led me to remember my innate gifts as an Energy Intuitive, Channel and Somatic Energy Guide, and the feminine wisdom ways that help me soften into life. I am gifted at noticing, following and intuiting individual and collective energy. My specialty is attuning to unspoken and unresolved emotional wounding in others. As a Channel I open to high frequency energy to share multi-dimensional transmissions for the heart.

As a Guide I walk beside you, assisting you to navigate your individual path of healing and the embodiment of your life lessons and purpose. We go deep – illuminating core beliefs, inner patterning and ancestral wounding to discover kind ways to navigate fear that keeps you stuck. Through it all I share gentle, feminine-based wisdom and embodiment practices to facilitate self-awareness and self-healing.

It is possible to cultivate more of what your heart is longing for – with less overwhelm and striving. Life already has a plan for you, however to follow that you need to be willing to learn how to let go. To show up to the unhealed parts of you that are hell bent on hanging on – this is where it can get a little messy and it’s also where I come in.


If this is calling you I welcome you to explore.

Connect With Your Intuition


The Heart Wisdom for Awakening Women Oracle deck shares 44 channeled messages, supporting you to connect with your intuition and trust your unfolding path.

Liz Smith; Founder of Awaken to Life

Liz Smith is an energy intuitive, channel, somatic energy guide and creator of the Heart Wisdom Oracle Deck. Liz brings empathy and warmth to the inner work of healing and embodiment. For 8 years, Liz has created and facilitated sacred healing experiences through group ceremony, sound healing, women’s circles, workshops, retreats and individual healing and mentoring clients. Liz’s works creates a safe sanctuary for women to explore the relationship to their inner Self, and to cultivate healing tools to navigate daily life with more ease, beauty and meaning.