Welcome! I’m Liz Smith


I’m grateful that you are curious enough to be here.

Years of spiritual seeking has taught me that the magic and mystery of life is right here – in the seemingly ordinary moments of every day life. Perhaps the most significant part of my journey has been learning to relax into life, and follow my unique flow. These days I’ve stopped seeking. I follow energy – and practice acceptance of the many twists and turns this human experience gifts us.

My earliest memories are of being easily attuned to others, and highly sensitive to the world around me. Empathy, compassion, overwhelm and burnout have all been a part of my story. It wasn’t until I experienced a spiritual awakening in 2012, that I began to better understand my multi-sensory gifts. What followed this were years of inner work to heal my anxious mind, tired body and disconnected Soul. As I took time to heal, a love for practices in meditation, breath, body and energy work naturally evolved.

I discovered the peace that is always here; in pain and in joy – and my commitment to being present has deepened.

My learnings and life experiences include wearing many hats. I am a mother to three complex children and wife to my beloved (and thankfully very grounded) husband. In my working life I’m an energy intuitive, healing practitioner, mentor and community holder. Each offering at Awaken to Life has been birthed through my personal journey into the depths of my own healing.

What began in 2012 as an intention to quieten my mind, led me on an unexpected path to heal the wounded feminine within. As I healed the conditioning that drove me to endlessly achieve and strive, my intuition awoke in a whole new way. I began growing a relationship with energy and my multi-dimensional self. This has included connecting with non-physical beings here to assist me and others along a path of genuine awakening and healing.

To this day I continue to navigate intense energetic awakenings. Gratefully I’ve learned how to hold my experiences, whilst continuing to be in service to those called to work with me. When the shit hits the fan, I turn to earth-based feminine practices. I ground, I drum, I dance and journal my way through the dark.

I govern my healing journey and that of beloved clients under the conscious care of spiritual midwife and mentor Staci Boden, and have done since 2016. In addition to apprenticing in energy medicine and earth-based ways, over the years I have acquired certification as a life coach, meditation teacher and trauma informed care. The most illuminating teachings have been learnt on the ground and through the ethers, following energy and applying spiritual practice to every day life.


Awaken to Life classes and retreats have been created as a safe sanctuary for those on the path of awakening, who are navigating challenging times.

Students and clients are introduced to gentle ways to awaken awareness, cultivate intentions, grow intuition and navigate fear to make new choices in life. Through the use of sound, guided visualisation, energy work and self-inquiry you are encouraged to grow a relationship to what challenges you. In this way, an unexpected illness, death of a parent, loss of a job or an overwhelmed nervous system can all be opportunities to learn how to tend to what you need in daily life.

Your healing journey is sacred. When you enter this realm of inner work, I’m also asking you to enter the unknown. Whilst your mind may hold hope for a specific healing outcome, together we are going to practice staying in the unknown and hold an intention for what is ready to shift in your life. Ultimately what shifts is often unexpected and out of our control. That is where we can cultivate trust in the mystery and divine synchronicity to assist you on your journey.

Still with me? Well then, I invite you to explore an Awaken to Life class or retreat to begin your journey of embodying who you are.

Do you want to connect with your intuition?

The Heart Wisdom for Awakening Women Oracle card deck shares 44 channeled messages, supporting you to connect with your intuition and trust your unfolding path.


The use of sound instruments, is a gentle way to support healing through receiving vibrational frequencies that assist to balance and harmonize your energy body. If you struggle to meditate, I facilitate Sound & Stillness events as an opportunity to deeply rest and recalibrate.


One of my greatest joys is facilitating group gatherings, including sound and healing journeys, embodied meditation classes, and teaching the AWAKE process for embodied healing. This work supports you to heal and restore the connection to your inner being, unlock the wisdom of the heart and body, and embrace who you are.