Often described as sensitive in my younger years, my intuitive gifts were catalysed following a spiritual awakening in 2012. What followed next, were years of inner work to heal my anxious mind, tired body and disconnected Soul. As I took time to heal, a love for practices in meditation, breath, body and energy work naturally evolved. Through these practices, which are now a way of life, I discovered the peace that is always here; in pain and in joy, and my commitment to being present deepened.
A few years later I began to experience my multi-dimensional, intuitive and energetic Self. Which was an overwhelming experience at times, as I spontaneously began connecting with a Shamanic spirit guide, and channeling celestial beings through my body. It has taken time to lean into these abilities. Today I am a much softer, grounded and creative version of myself, and I embrace my intuition. I’m learning to follow Life with curiosity and delight, as I work in service as a bridge between seen and unseen worlds.


I share my work as a Channel, Energy Intuitive and Mentor, teaching others how to navigate energy in daily life.

You can experience my teachings and healing spaces, through an individual session, or my events, workshops and retreats.

Do you want to connect with your intuition?

The Heart Wisdom for Awakening Women card deck shares 44 channeled messages, supporting others to connect with their intuition and trust their unfolding path.


The use of sound instruments, is a gentle way to support healing through receiving vibrational frequencies that assist to balance and harmonize your energy body. If you struggle to meditate, I facilitate Sound & Stillness events as an opportunity to deeply rest and recalibrate your mind, body and Soul.


One of my greatest joys comes through facilitating sacred workshops, including Heart and Drum Journeys, Peaceful & Present retreats, Embodied Meditation workshops, and teaching the AWAKE process for Embodied Healing. This work supports you to heal and restore the connection to your inner being, unlocking the wisdom of the heart and body, allowing you to be who you are.


A channeled message for the times we are living in. Plus a guided meditation to reconnect you to Being.