Welcome! I’m Liz Smith


I’m grateful that you are curious enough to be here.

Years of spiritual seeking has taught me that the magic and mystery of life is right here – in the seemingly ordinary moments of every day life. These days I’ve stopped seeking. I follow energy – and practice acceptance of the many twists and turns this human experience gifts us.

My earliest memories are of being easily attuned to others, and highly sensitive to the world around me. Empathy, compassion, overwhelm and burnout have all been a part of my story. It wasn’t until I experienced my first spiritual awakening in 2012, that I began to better understand how to manage my energy and multi-sensory gifts. As I took time to heal, a love for practices in meditation, body and energy work naturally evolved.

I discovered the peace that is always here; in pain and in joy – and my commitment to being present has deepened.

In daily life I am a mother to three “out of the box” children and partner to my beloved (and thankfully very grounded) husband. In my working life I’m an energy intuitive, facilitator and women’s guide. Almost daily these aspects of myself are entwined as I find myself bringing energy work to motherhood, and my mothering instincts to client work.

Each offering at Awaken to Life has been birthed through my journey into the depths of my personal healing. As I questioned the conditioning that drove me to push and strive beyond my sensitive nature, my intuition awoke in a whole new way. I began growing a relationship with energy and my multi-dimensional self. This has included connecting with non-physical beings here to assist me and others along a path of genuine awakening and healing. At times this work requires that I step in as a trans-medium to channel healing, remove unwanted energies and bring balance to another’s energy body.

I govern my healing journey and that of beloved clients under the conscious care of spiritual midwife and mentor Staci Boden, and have done since 2016. In addition to living into energy medicine and earth-based ways, over the years I have acquired certification as a life coach, meditation teacher and trauma informed care. However the most illuminating teachings have been learnt on the ground and through the ethers, following energy and applying spiritual practice to every day life.

I believe women are awakening en masse at this time to remember the wisdom that lives in them, and to share it with others. 

Just like you, I AM many things.

Wisdom Keeper, Soul Guide, Energy Intuitive, Channel, Wise Woman and an ongoing work in progress. The labels don’t matter so much as the intention and presence I bring to the healing spaces I hold. At Awaken to Life I lean on these aspects of myself to support your journey:

ENERGY INTUITIVE : I am gifted at noticing, tracking, following and intuiting individual and collective energy. My specialty is attuning to unspoken and unresolved emotional wounding in others.

FACILITATOR: It brings me joy to share gentle, feminine-based wisdom and embodiment practices to facilitate self-awareness and self-healing in others.

GUIDE: As a guide I walk beside you, assisting you to navigate your individual path of healing and the embodiment of your life lessons and purpose. We go deep – illuminating core beliefs, inner patterning and ancestral wounding to discover kind ways to hold the paradox of being a Soul in a human body.


Awaken to Life offerings have been created as a safe sanctuary for those who are on the path of awakening, and are navigating challenging times.

You are introduced to gentle ways to awaken awareness, cultivate intentions, grow intuition and navigate fear. Through the use of sound, guided visualisation, energy work and embodiment practices, you are encouraged to grow a relationship to what challenges you. In this way an unexpected illness, death of a parent, loss of a job, desire for purpose or an overwhelmed nervous system can be opportunities to learn how to tend to what you need in daily life.

I believe your healing journey is sacred. I also believe that life is your teacher. When you enter this realm of inner work, I’m asking you to enter the unknown. Whilst your mind may hold hope for a specific outcome, together we can practice staying in the unknown and become curious about what is ready to shift in your life. Often what shifts is unexpected and out of our control. Here is where we cultivate trust in the mystery and synchronistic signs to assist you on the journey.

Still with me? I invite you to explore Awaken to Life and to begin the path of healing and embodying who you are.

Do you want to connect with your intuition?

The Heart Wisdom for Awakening Women Oracle deck shares 44 channeled messages, supporting you to connect with your intuition and trust your unfolding path.


Each month women come together for 90 minutes dedicated to delving into guided practices that support self-healing, energy release and deeper connection of mind, body and heart. The evening concludes with nourishing sound healing and channeled energy.


One of my great joys is facilitating Sound & Stillness evenings (sound healing), Heart & Drum Ceremony and Embodied Meditation new moon classes.

These offerings introduce women to gentle embodiment practices, energy awareness, sacred ritual and community connection as essential aspects of healing a women’s relationship to their body, intuition and inner wisdom.  


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