Find peace in the presence of overwhelm, anxiety, pain, restlessness, heart-ache & sadness.

There is a way to restore inner peace in our switched on, plugged in, fast paced culture. If you’re feeling a little wobbly in daily life, and recognise that your inner life needs attention, the Embodied Healing workshop has been created just for you.

As an energy intuitive and channel, Liz understands that many of the wounds we feel yet can’t see, sit in our energetic field, connected to unresolved past lives, birth trauma, ancestral patterning (anger, oppression, abuse, addiction) and childhood traumas. When we experience anxiety, sadness, or pain, we seek soothing in ways that keep us asleep – distracted, numb and in denial of the power we have to shift the experience. Yet as we awaken, we begin to see that these uncomfortable experiences are also gateways to the peace we seek.

We each have unconscious wounds that can be triggered countless times a day. Most often when we know something needs to change, we attempt change at a physical or mental level – and quickly feel frustrated. However the wounds that direct much of our unconscious behaviour, sit unseen in the energetic body – they must be healed at a Soul level. Awareness alone, is not always enough to facilitate healing. This is where embodied healing comes in – empowering you to change your inner, and outer experience in daily life.

Perhaps you resonate with a mild state of sleep walking? You’re moving through, things get done, yet you’re far from the experience of thriving, or awake to the beauty of the present moment.


The Embodied Healing workshop offers a grounded, and enlightened approach to navigate the energy of yourself and your life. Liz has studied energy within herself, and the world around her, since awakening in 2012. In that time, she discovered a way of being that has greatly assisted her own healing, and brought about increasing levels of calm and peace across all areas of life.

During the workshop, Liz will guide you toward an experience of your inner essence – a state of presence and peace, beyond the mental and emotional noise. You will explore The Awake Method that can assist you to reclaim peace, and begin healing at a Soul level. Through out the event, Liz weaves in stories from her own life, and her experiences awakening to subtle energy, and the unseen worlds. Her grounded approach to healing, supports an unfolding of conscious awareness in those that attend her workshops and group healings.



The embodied healing practice termed AWAKE, offers a simple, yet surprisingly powerful framework that can support you to stay present (awake) to sensations in the body. Within this process you are gently guided to areas of discomfort, to support the soothing and release of energetic wounds. It is the unseen energetic wounds in everyone that are connected with ongoing experiences of overwhelm, anxiety, sadness, anger, worthlessness, restlessness, pain, disconnection and so much more.

Reconnect with the peace of your inner Being. The AWAKE Method brings you to deeper levels of healing, through embracing your present moment experience of restlessness, discomfort and disconnection.


DATE: 1pm – 5pm, Sunday July 5th

WHERE: The Apple Room – Heathcote Reserve, 58 Duncraig Rd Applecross

INCLUDES: Light refreshments

BRING: Water bottle


Limited spots available.

The space you held was so incredible and so supportive. To be with all those women, I felt so accepted even though I didn’t know them. I found myself at the very beginning saying to myself ‘I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to do it’ but then soon enough I couldn’t actually contain it. But it felt like such a safe place to let my emotions come through, I felt accepted and supported by all those beautiful women which isn’t something I often feel. Walking through the whole awake process, I felt so expanded and light by the end. When you got us to bring the light down into our hearts, I could hear soul so much more clearly and really felt I was at my core. I have been using the method each day to really assess how I am feeling and it really has helped me to stay more out of my head. ~ Hannah

I absolutely loved being part of your workshop. I gained a lot from attending and I tried the method at home yesterday morning. It was incredible to feel the energy of someone else in the last activity and I loved being a part of the afternoon. Your story was incredibly insightful as well. I could really resonate with what you shared and you gave me a lot of hope/trust/faith as I navigate these muddy waters. ~ Hayley

It was a hard, yet beautiful experience that transcends words ❤️ Thank you. Claire