An evening of embodied meditation, sound healing and deeper rest.


Join Liz for 90 minutes dedicated to slowing down, connecting with your body and opening to the healing capacity of your higher self. Timed to be held near the New Moon we gather with the intention to take greater care of ourselves. You’re invited to delve into guided practices that support self-healing, energy release and deeper connection of mind, body and heart. The evening concludes with nourishing sound healing and channeled energy transmissions.

In a world of increasing stress, anxiety, disconnection and depression, sensitive women require space to meet themselves with love, kindness and acceptance. Perhaps you notice that your sensitivities show up as daily overwhelm, tight shoulders, over-reactivity or indecision. As a sensitive woman, Liz understands the need to create safe spaces in which women can regulate the nervous system, release emotions and open their heart. With regular attendance this class supports an awakening of intuition and body awareness, opening you to a life of deeper beauty, peace and meaning.

Embodied Meditation fosters awareness of energy held within the body, along with gentle guided practices for soothing, release and conscious connection.

Can you feel yourself held by the earth, by the cycles of nature, by the breath?

Open to the mystery and medicine of your unique feminine Self.

I joined the embodied meditation group with no real understanding or expectations. What I have finished with is a beautiful, deeper understanding of how to connect with myself and my emotions, in the moment, day-day. The group format added an extra wonderful layer. Connecting with other women, and sharing their experience added another layer of acceptance and compassion and greater understanding. What a wonderful experience. A soul-deep thank you Liz. ~ Shonali

Just wanted to thank you for providing the most beautiful and loving space during the meditation classes. I have loved coming to them to deepen my meditation practice and be guided by you to explore life, my thoughts and my own soul. You provided everything I didn’t realise I needed. Here is to beautiful new beginnings for me. Hope to see you soon. Much love to you! ~ F

I’ve been meaning to write and say thank you for the 6 week meditation circle and say how beneficial it was for me. The practices quietly grounded me week by week and left lasting effects that continued until the next class. The changes happened in gentle, subtle ways yet the effects were really significant. I enjoyed each and every meeting and always left feeling much better and more whole. It’s hard to put into words how much I got out of it , but it was a lot and I thank you for your wise, kind guidance.

~ Rachel

I feel like your classes have really helped me to have some time and reflection for myself without any should’s and have to’s – it is just happening – which feels like a big shift for me – so thank you! 

Thank you for providing the space and for being a conduit. Thank you for your gentle wisdom and engaged presence. I have loved softening and engaging with the energy of the group – thank you for this beautiful gift. ~ Dani

Liz is an amazing facilitator – genuine, calm, empathic and in-tune with each person. Her soft, steady words guide the session and you leave feeling refreshed and more at peace with oneself. Kate


Grounded in feminine wisdom, Embodied Meditation classes are an opportunity to deepen your connection to self, release stagnant energy and rest deeply. You will be guided through an array of practices to ease stress and cultivate self-kindness.

  • Grounding and diaphragmatic breathing
  • Body awareness through gentle movement
  • Feminine cyclical wisdom
  • Guided practice for releasing energy and connecting with body wisdom
  • Rest and reflection (bring paper/pen if you like to write insights down)
  • Sound healing and group energy healing transmission

Embodied meditation practices are gentle and can be enjoyed by beginners or experienced meditation students – all women who desire a heartfelt connection with themselves. 

Grounding, belly breathing, gentle movement, sound and self-healing practices support sensitive women to grow a relationship with their inner self and daily life.


WHEN: November 2nd | 7 – 8.30pm

WHERE: Palmyra Yoga Shala, 63 McKimmie Rd

BRING: Water bottle, cushion, optional pen/journal


* Bookings essential : class size is kept small

** Tickets non-refundable thou can be transferred to a friend.

LIZ SMITH | Energy Intuitive, Facilitator & Guide

Liz brings empathy and warmth to the work of self-awareness, healing and embodiment. Through embodied meditation classes and healing ceremonies, Liz creates a safe sanctuary for women to explore the relationship to their inner Self and Soul. Individual sessions offer women a guided process to facilitate conscious healing, awakening and embodiment in daily life.

Read feedback from past clients, class and retreat participants. Have questions? Please email me here.