A conscious community for sensitives, creatives, healers, change makers and light bringers, to heal, transform and thrive.

Join the online Energy Collective to learn more about yourself, your Soul and your connection to energy with other liked-minded Souls. This space was created by Liz as a community hub to share teachings, healing practices, mentoring, and channeled messages for people who want a deeper connection to their intuition. Taking her cues from earth and cosmic energy shifts, Liz’s recorded and live events are attuned specifically it’s members, and support you to explore your perception of energy and your life, as we travel the human journey together.
Join if you feel called, or curious.

Intuition isn’t logical, it may show up as a little fluttering, or inner knowing that perhaps there is something here for you in this community. You might resonate with Liz’s story, her teachings, and the practical approach she brings to spirituality. Perhaps you have been looking for a safe space to practice staying present and engaged in life, whilst navigating your own healing.

Members enjoy 20% off courses and stores purchases.
So much more than a Facebook community – the Energy Collective is an online library. You’ll have access to exclusive energy forecasts and channelled healings, and a monthly live mentoring class, where Liz tunes in to her Spirit Council and collective energy, to answer your questions. Plus you’ll have access to an online version of the Heart Wisdom oracle card deck. Whether you are here because you want to calm your mind, tend to your heart, or perhaps you’re connecting to spirit beings and wondering if you’ve gone crazy  – wherever you are at – you are welcome.


  • Receive a monthly audio energy reading, and channeled healing from the Council of Crystalline Light, attuned specifically to members of the Energy Collective.
  • Attend a live group mentoring Q + A; submit your questions and watch the recording if you can’t attend live.
  • Access your online version of the Heart Wisdom Oracle cards.
  • Join the private Facebook Group for another level of community and engagement (optional).
  • Receive occasional bonus recordings and online events by special guests.
  • Enjoy a 20% discount off online courses and store purchases.