Following Energy


A 10-Week Journey to Birth Yourself Whole

Welcome To A New Way To Move Through Life

Is it possible to follow your heart’s deepest desire and learn to let go of what is holding you back? We believe it is. And growing a relationship to yourself and energy is going to help.

Perhaps you’ve found your way here as a seeker of personal growth and spirituality. Or maybe you are here because life has thrown you a curve ball; through chronic illness, loss of a job or some other challenging event. Whatever you are moving through in daily life – welcome. Following energy can teach you how to let go and flow with life, whilst cultivating the inner resources to enjoy the process.

Energy is alive. Energy talks. Shows. Guides. Teaches. Energy reveals stuckness as well as flow. Energy can be soft, flat and rollicking. Energy can be heartbreaking. Energy can be pleasurable. You can play with energy. You can boundary energy. You can dance with energy.

Following energy is an empowering and creative somatic practice for growing capacity and expanding potential.

The heart of following means learning to journey through the unknown.

And so, our practice begins by going on a journey together.

What If There Is A Kinder Alternative To:

  • Pushing yourself into overwhelm
  • Forcing control 
  • Over-committing
  • Spinning in circles
  • Avoiding your creative urges
  • Ignoring intuitive nudges

What If You Could Learn To:

  • Slow down and trust your flow
  • Let go and follow what lights you up
  • Know and honour your needs
  • Shift energy and get unstuck
  • Create space for creative flow
  • Trust your intuition

Whatever Your Focus For Wholeness Is:

  • Inner spaciousness
  • Balanced living
  • Trusting intuition
  • Speaking up
  • Honouring self-care
  • Focussed creativity
Following energy is rooted in Earth-based and feminine wisdom ways. The heart of following energy holds all life as a potential relationship. It’s possible to create a relationship with anyone or anything, starting with yourself.

Join us for a 10-week online journey to birth yourself whole.

Following energy offers a practical approach to grow in relationship to yourself and your life. From push to flow, disconnected to connected, or from overwhelmed to balanced living – whatever you desire can be the focus of our journey together.

Following energy happens through paying attention to an intention, your body (noticing feelings and bodily sensations) and daily life occurrences. In fact, following energy is a somatic practice— it’s a somatic AND an energy healing practice—you can apply to everyday living. Relationships. Decisions. Projects. Work.

How Do I Learn This Path?

Facilitated as a 10-week online group experience, each week you’ll have access to new material that will introduce you to following energy and the eight teachers:

Fear, Awareness, Choice, Body, Intuition, Energy, Intention and Surrender. 

Your journey starts with identifying and activating an intention. You are guided to follow, pay attention to and interact with your intention in relationship to your body, daily life, the eight teachers and synchronicity over the course of 10 weeks.

The learning takes place inside a private community portal online, via Mighty Networks. Your path is supported with weekly teaching videos, guided practices and six live Zoom circles with Staci and Liz. In addition to weekly lessons, you’ll have access to the Following Energy community for connection and support

Support For Your Journey

Access the Material

Your online journey begins on June 21st PT / June 22nd AWST. You’ll receive an email invitation to access the Following Energy community portal, and program content. Settle in, get familiar with the portal, and introduce yourself in the online community.

Opening Circle Live

June 24th 7pm PT / June 25th 10am AWST: Week 1 we activate our online journey with a live opening circle, facilitated by Staci Boden. Here you will get grounded and clear on your intention, alongside fellow following energy members.

10 Weekly Lessons

Access a new lesson each Tuesday; including video teachings, guided practices and self-reflection exercises.

Week 1: Welcome Circle & Intentions

Week 2: Meet Fear

Week 3: Meet Awareness

Week 4: Meet Choice

Week 5: Meet Body

Week 6: Meet Intuition

Week 7: Meet Energy

Week 8: Meet Intention

Week 9: Meet Surrender

Week 10: Birth & Closing Circle


Additional Circles

Thursdays 7pm PT / Fridays 10am AWST: Attend live Zoom circles facilitated by Liz in week 3, 5, 7 & 9. You’ll explore guided somatic energy practices to embody your intention and the teachers. Recordings are available if you are unable to attend live.

Sacred Container

Where the magic happens! Join us inside the Following Energy community portal to share your insights, experiences and learning. You’ll also find additional resources to support your journey and connect with other members.

Closing Circle Live

Aug 26th 7pm PT / Aug 27th 10am AWST: Week 10, you arrive at Birth. Together we celebrate the journey of birthing yourself whole. We recognise the wisdom and inner resources you have developed to support your birthing process.

Meet Your Somatic Energy Guides

Staci Boden – Lead Guide

Staci is the founder of Following Energy and a 20-year-old dance ceremony called 7Directions. Staci is a fiercely loving somatic guide, energy healer, facilitator, ceremonialist and author of Turning Dead Ends into DoorwaysFor over 20 years, she has been teaching people to follow energy with practical spirituality to make wiser decisions, improve relationships and create great work. Staci has designed, produced and led countless evenings, ongoing women’s circles, weekend retreats and facilitator trainings in-person and globally online.

Liz Smith – Guide

Liz Smith is an energy intuitive, channel, somatic energy guide and creator of the Heart Wisdom Oracle Deck. Liz brings empathy and warmth to the inner work of healing and embodiment. For 8 years, Liz has created and facilitated sacred healing experiences through group ceremony, sound healing, women’s circles, workshops, retreats and individual healing and mentoring clients. Liz’s works creates a safe sanctuary for women to explore the relationship to their inner Self, and to cultivate healing tools to navigate daily life with more ease, beauty and meaning.

Grab a cuppa and enjoy a heart-felt chat about this foundational path in following energy, and who it has been created for (you!).

Registration Details

The Winter edition is in session.

To register your interest for the next round please email.

Participant terms & conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I join if I’m new to following energy?

Yes, this offering provides a foundation for practicing following energy.

Q: I’m super busy, how much work is involved?

Following energy is a practice focussed on life learning. You simply need to remember your intention and then start noticing the connection between each teacher, body sensations and daily life happenings (synchronicity!). On a practical level you’ll want to allow 2 hours per week to move through the teachings and attend live sessions.

Q: Do I need technical knowledge to participate in this online program?

This program is run online, requiring a mobile device or computer to participate. You will also need to download Zoom to attend live sessions. The online community portal can be accessed easily via mobile device or computer. You’ll receive an email to join on June 21st PT / June 22nd AWST.

Q: What if I can’t attend the circles live?

Understandably it may not be possible for everyone to attend live due to time zones differences. Circles are recorded and shared within the community portal for you to watch at a convenient time.

Q: Is there a payment plan?

Yes! A split payment is offered at no additional cost, please enquire if you require this option.

Q: My preferred payment system is not offered here, do you have alternatives?

Yes! Please email for alternate payment methods (PayPal etc…)

Q: Do you offer a scholarship for financial hardship?

We don’t want financial hardship to get between you and this program. If you are feeling a strong pull to participate and are experiencing hardship, we offer two spots as “pay what you can”. Email to enquire.

The opportunity to sit with the kind of people who come to Staci’s groups is a particular gift. It’s rare to get to be with the reflection and accountability and presence these folks bring. I’ve not only formed lifelong friendships but Staci’s groups have been a place I’ve wanted to bring some of my closest people. In terms of creating virtual community, Staci’s groups have an alchemy of being in village in a way we don’t get, especially in our leadership lives.


Carlee Adamson

I have been seeing Liz in private sessions and in a group setting over the past year. Words cannot adequately describe how loving, compassionate and light-filled this woman is. Liz has a beautiful gift of bringing her clients into their own light and empowering them to see their true selves. She listens deeply to her client and is able to accurately sense what they might need. She holds a space that is nurturing and loving and walks with you through your process, whatever it is. Each time I leave a sessions with Liz, I feel lighter and more in-tune with myself and the world around me.


Ash Clements