Intuitive Soul Healing

Channeled transmissions, energy clearing, sound healing, light language and intuitive guidance for your Souls healing.

Be where you are.

Intuitive healing sessions meet you where you are to acknowledge the healing to be addressed, along with the shifts required to invite more ease and flow into your life. The guidance and transmissions shared go beyond mind to reach the parts of you that seek witnessing, healing and transformation beyond your current life expression.

Please know that sessions do not fortune tell, nor tell you what to do. Whilst you may hold hope for a specific outcome, together we practice staying in the unknown and open to what is ready to shift in your life. Ultimately what transmutes is often unexpected and assists you to trust your path of healing and Soul growth.

Remember your natural state of being.

Intuitive Soul Healing is a powerful, love infused session that delivers the restoration, clarity and connection that you need to move forward in your life. Together we follow your energy and hold the intention to receive healing in alignment with your highest potential.

Some sessions focus on energy clearing to restore balance and harmony to the body. At other times we move into unseen worlds to tend to your inner child, connect you to your Soul potential, heal ancestral or past life threads, or shift dense energy that is obscuring a clear perspective.

Sessions are particularly supportive for sensitive, empathic women who are awakening to subtle energy and/or unconsciously take on the energy of people and the environment around them.

What to Expect

It’s not unusual to notice a shift from the moment you book your session. Before we meet I attune to your energy to receive information that can assist our time together. Information may highlight your current energy, unexplored emotional wounds, beliefs and perspectives held about yourself or your life, or a new Soul expression you are ready to explore.

On the day of our session I help you settle into the space, and invite you to share what is on your heart. If you find it hard to open up, I channel energy so you feel safe to be seen. From here we spend time grounding before I guide you inward to connect with yourself. Then we follow the threads of your Soul that seek healing and integration.

I may be guided to follow past life, ancestral or childhood experiences. Occasionally I bring through healing for family members that are connected to your healing.

As a trans-medium, the energy of ancient ones, shamanic guides and your spirit guides may channel through to share healing and love. At other times I open a conversation with multi-dimensional beings who share healing transmissions directly with you.

My greatest gift is to attune to what your heart has been hiding, and share medicine for your Soul. Your session concludes with a Heart Wisdom reading to assist you to integrate the energy and insights shared.


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I just want to thank Liz with all my heart for such a wonderful experience it was truly amazing and life changing. I feel like a different person. I have been through a lot over the last 10 years but you have given me a new lease on life. 


I felt an immediate difference and feel quite empowered by it all! Thank you again for such an amazing session. I’m so glad I crossed paths with you.

I am so grateful to have experienced a healing session with Liz. I really did not know what to expect. From the start Liz made me feel so comfortable, and wow, what a beautiful shining light she is. I felt completely held and safe throughout the entire session. Liz was able to draw out blockages and introduce me to myself in a beautiful new way. What you learn about yourself and the feeling of support continues on. In fact I know I will never forget this incredible session with Liz. I would recommend to anyone feeling a tug to deeper within.

Thank you so much for our session, it was pretty incredible!! I fell asleep when I got home and woke up to bursts of rainbows. 

Wow that session has provided really big shifts for me. Today I’m feeling so good, better than in a really long time. Overall I’m feeling more balanced in life. Thank you for your support!

Thank you so much! That was honestly an experience that will stay with me for life. I already feel more like myself and can’t believe all the things that surfaced. I am so so happy I found you.

Intuitive Soul Healing is a foundational session, ideal for new clients or returning clients that require occasional support. If you are navigating a period of challenge and seek regular support, you may like to explore Soul mentoring with me.

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