Who are you, when released from family expectations, cultural influence, ancestral patterning and unresolved trauma?
What is left when you create space to awaken to the peace of your inner Being?
What do you notice when you leave room for Soul to emerge?


Into the Unknown Group Mentorship is an invitation to follow the call of your Soul. To heal deeply, awaken intuition, and expand into a life led by Soul. The topic of Soul purpose is a loaded one for sensitives, creatives, empaths, teachers, healers, way showers and change makers.

Let’s get to the heart of it – your purpose is to heal your Self. To remember who you are, and align with the guidance and wisdom of your unique Soul. Reclaiming your Self comes through healing disconnection. You can learn to trust your intuition, recognise and honour what you feel, and have the courage to take action in alignment with your path.

Genuine healing takes time. When we commit to healing ourselves, we create space for new awareness to break through our outdated beliefs. We start to see ourselves as we truly are. Powerful. Unbroken. Light. Facilitated as a six month online group mentorship, Into the Unknown is a journey into a deeper relationship to your Self, your Soul, intuition, wisdom and gifts.

Feeling an inner nudge? I invite you to read on…

We have shifted into the era of light, frequency, sound and Soul. Collectively we are in an unprecedented time of awakening and re-connection to our Soul. Authentic healing, awakening and expansion is possible we when learn to follow our intuition. Perhaps you’ve noticed a hard to explain call? You may feel compelled to re-align your life towards what feels true and purposeful?

Following the key themes of healing, awakening and expansion, our 6 month journey is dedicated to your needs. We will bring focus to clearing old wounds, beliefs, conditioned patterning and self-sabotaging behaviours. You will be guided into sacred healing ceremonies. You will experience channeled energy transmissions, along with tangible practices for self-guided healing. As you connect with your unique Soul, you are guided to awaken intuition, presence, energy awareness and choice to create new possibilities for your life.


A few days before our start date, you will be invited to join an online private Facebook group. This is our online home in between monthly Zoom gatherings. We begin on September 7th 2020, with our first live Zoom gathering on September 9th at 7pm (AWST). All gatherings will be recorded for anyone that can’t attend live. 

Each month we will have two opportunities to connect live. The first is our monthly Zoom group mentoring – this is where the magic happens. You’ll be guided through a foundational theme for the month, along with transformational healing, awakening and expansion processes, energy transmissions and channeled guidance.

The second opportunity to connect each month, is our monthly Facebook Live Q & A mentor sessions. For those unable to attend live, you’ll be invited to submit your questions prior to the live. In addition to the lives, I’ll pop into the Facebook group weekly, to share energy guidance, self-reflection questions, practices and more.


  • Monthly Zoom gatherings (facilitating guided healing journey’s, and energy transmissions)
  • Monthly Facebook Live Q & A mentoring session
  • Weekly energy updates
  • Private Facebook group to cultivate community and support
  • Access to online Heart Wisdom Oracle card deck
  • The AWAKE Method – embodied healing practice


  • Create Space –  emotional, mental, physical, energetic clearing
  • Re-claim your Self – ancestral, past-life, childhood, current life Soul healing
  • Activate the Heart – Fear, love, heart callings
  • Re-awaken the Feminine – wisdom of the cycles, intuition, womb healing
  • Re-connect with Soul – I Am presence, expanding Soul light
  • Life Re-imagined – Activating Soul calls, and action steps to ignite your Soul path


To reconnect with your Soul, and learn about energy, you must be willing to study the energy of your life. This means slowing down and paying attention. Noticing the internal and external energy (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, unprocessed traumas, environments) that impact how you experience daily life. Energy naturally wants to flow. Pushing energy however, can become exhausting. This mentorship teaches you to notice and follow energy, and re-connect with your intuition to navigate your life.

Holding space for the energy that is ready to move in you, is big work. Once you commit, you will notice that thoughts, emotions and beliefs begin to shift, and perhaps even unravel. You might like to ask yourself, am I ready for the change my Soul wants to bring through? To hear the answer, tune into your body. Pay attention to how it feels. You might also notice fear, or anxiety. That is okay. Anxiety is a sign that something you believe about yourself or your life, is about to shift.

Refund Policy: No refunds issued.


Full payment option saves you $43
3 x monthly instalments of $230

Delivered 100% online, and open to enrolment wherever you are in the world.


Liz Smith | Energy Intuitive, Channel, Mentor & Group Facilitator

Liz brings empathy and warmth to the inner work of self-awareness, inner spaciousness, healing and awakening to facilitate authentic empowerment in daily life. Through classes, retreats and individual Soul sessions, Liz shares her love of cultivating simple practices in meditation, breath, body work, self-inquiry and self-healing to support others to awaken, heal and embody who they are in daily life.

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