Peaceful & Present is a retreat from the world offering space for self-inquiry, stillness and inner wisdom.


Peaceful & Present offers a balance of inward retreat and outer exploration. The flow of the retreat is intuitively guided by Liz to meet the needs of those who attend. Over the course of 3 hours you’ll be guided through a series of meditations. Each meditation will progressively connect you to your deeper self. There will be space for quiet reflection or journaling to anchor insight that arises. As you practice connecting inwardly, you will gather precious gems that can help re-orient you back home.

You are welcome to explore anything you are moving through at this time. This might be a life transition, illness, anxiety, disconnection or perhaps you are awakening to a new awareness of self. Making space to observe your inner experience can be a catalyst for insight and transformation. At all times you are at the helm of your experience, opening to, witnessing and allowing anything that is ready to be felt. The afternoon includes light refreshments and concludes with a deeply relaxing sound healing.

Peaceful & Present is for anyone who craves to come home to the true self. Come along and access the healing and deeper wisdom available when you give yourself the opportunity to journey inward.

You will be guided through meditations that facilitate awareness of your mind-body-heart. This provides an opening to enter the experience of your inner Being. M
editation experience not needed.


My experience at your Peaceful and Present Retreat was powerful. It helped me clear and let go of a lot of stagnant negative energy. Following the retreat, I had so much positive energy and joy. I felt much lighter and clearer. I didn’t have any more tension in my body, just pure elation. Thank you for creating that space for me to clear and let go of that which was not serving me, so that I could open up to the new. Letting go of fear and worries can only make space for me to live from my heart. ~ S. Boddington

I wanted to share I now understand that to be in my body and be connected with my heart I need to learn to feel all emotions not just the happy positive ones. I understand I need connection to my deeper self again – my heart self. I have realised I give so much energy to everyone else !!! and that I don’t actually giveback to me in the form of “feeling” which would deplete my energy. I can still have self love and feel the shadows and darkness I have realised. ~ Lisbeth



  • a peaceful and welcoming space
  • teaching on presence
  • guided meditations (sitting and lying down)
  • quiet space for guided self-inquiry, inner listening and stillness
  • uncover your inner obstacles to peace and presence
  • an arising of inner spaciousness, insight and conscious wisdom
  • restorative sound healing with singing bowls and chimes
  • optional sharing and Q & A over light refreshments

“Thank you Liz for a beautiful retreat yesterday. My mind feels free & prepared for a busy week ahead.”

“I found yesterday’s retreat freeing. Thank you for guiding us to a place of peacefulness and self-knowledge.”

“Liz thanks for today’s retreat. It is the first time in a long time that I feel calm and somewhat in control.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with space to clear my mind and soul and just be. I’m so grateful for the world you’ve opened me up to.”


DATE: New dates to be advised

LOCATION: Palmyra Yoga Shala

BRING: water bottle, journal/pen *Light refreshments will be served

ATTENDENCE: $80 *limited to 10 participants