At some point intuition nudges us beyond traditional methods of talk therapy, to experience something deeper.

This is where you will find me – holding space for you, as you find the courage to have an authentic experience of yourself. Where you are safe to feel and express your truths. Where talk meets energy, head meets heart, and spiritual ideals meet solid ground, so you can discover new tools to heal and transform.

However, transformation is a journey of surrender. You might be asked to release your grip on knowing, in order to cultivate trust in the process.







I don’t follow a formula, I follow energy. Which is why your session may include a mix of energy work, channeled guidance and practical mentoring. As an energy intuitive, I tune into the beliefs, thoughts and unresolved emotions that are coming up to be worked with. In a session, I facilitate the release of dense energy that is impacting upon your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. This may include birth, childhood or more recent experiences, past lives and ancestral lines.

At other times a session may be more practical, sharing teachings and practices to restore inner balance, boundaries and your connection to yourself. 

As a channel, I connect with high transmissions of energy, to share guidance for your healing and growth. The guidance shared does not fortune tell – these sessions assist you to recognise the unresolved life events, and inner patterning that shapes your daily experience. As your awareness expands, you can begin to heal, soothe and nurture love for yourself. Guided back to Soul and your intuition, you can feel empowered to live from an enlightened sense of Self. Your perspective may change, as you experience more ease, clarity and spaciousness come into your life.


Sessions are available in-person at Heathcote Reserve, 58 Duncraig Rd Applecross. Free parking is available. Please park in the right hand carpark, walk up the main driveway, and turn right at the first building where you see the Awaken to Life sign.

If you require a Zoom online session, please specify this in the comments section when scheduling your booking.


Individual sessions are currently fully booked. Please add yourself to the mailing list to hear when bookings re-open.


There is no quick-fix to healing. Ongoing sessions hold you, whilst you learn to hold yourself; emotionally, mentally and energetically. The energy transmissions often start from the moment you book your session. You may notice an internal shift, and be inspired to take an active role in your healing.


Whether you are seeking guidance, soul healing, or to be mentored through your awakening, we will follow your energy in session together. If you know you are ready for some deep healing, please consider booking a longer session.

Choose from:

1.5hr session $170

2 hr session $210


Individual sessions are currently fully booked. Please add yourself to the mailing list to hear when bookings re-open.

I have worked with Liz for 3 sessions and found them to be extremely healing. I have been working on myself for many years, and have struggled to put all my knowledge together to help move on with my life. Liz supported, guided me and gave me the courage to go back to issues earlier within my life, in order to heal them. Liz challenged me to look deeper within myself and asked me to go past my mind, to see the depth of who I really am. I have now learned how to appreciate myself and what I have to offer within my community. I recognise the difference between my head, my heart and my gut and I can travel forward confidently within myself, listening more to the truth from my heart and not the stories in my head. I will be visiting Liz regularly so I don’t lose my path in my life ever again.


Sessions are held in-person in Applecross, and online, via Zoom or Skype. I facilitate Soul sessions and mentoring with beloved client’s across the globe, and locally in Australia. I look forward to meeting you, and offering support for your journey.

With so much love,