Somatic Energy Healing

The AWAKE method for empowered healing.

Explore with a 1:1 guided session and audio recording.

Somatic Energy Healing

A somatic energy healing session supports empowered self-healing through the use of the AWAKE method. AWAKE is a somatic energy practice that can assist you to explore and soothe discomfort and dis-ease in the body. Gentle movement, sound, affirmation, touch and breath are encouraged for soothing and release of energy that arises. Practiced regularly, the AWAKE method supports awareness of the subtle energy of thoughts, feelings and sensations, and the development of intuitive ways to soothe and release energy in the body.

A kinder framework for healing.

The AWAKE method has been shared as an energy healing practice in group workshops and individual sessions since 2019. It is a powerful practice for shifting energy and releasing unprocessed emotion.

A – Acknowledge discomfort, unease or pain in the body.

W – Witness with curiosity where/how discomfort arises in body.

A – Allow body sensations and thoughts to arise without judgement.

K – Kind, soothing action; slow breaths, gentle movement, sounding, supportive touch.

E – Embrace present moment experience with acceptance. 

Note: The AWAKE Method is not recommend for women who have significant unprocessed trauma – please seek the additional support of a therapist.


Online Guided Session – 1 hr

A somatic energy healing session offers a safe sanctuary for you to move through fear, shift energy, gain insight and grow your awareness. You are guided through the AWAKE method to meditatively move out of your head, and gently explore unprocessed emotion that is expressing in the body. Your session is supported with energy healing and music. An initial session includes a 20 min MP3 to continue using beyond your session.

$130 AUD

Walking through the whole awake process, I felt so expanded and light by the end. When you got us to bring the light down into our hearts I really felt I was at my core. I have been using the method each day to assess how I am feeling and it really has helped me to stay out of my head.

~ Hannah

I have been using the AWAKE method when I wake up at night to work through the feelings that wake me up and it is so helpful. Most of the time I relax so much I fall back to sleep before I get to the E!

~ Jen

It was a hard, yet beautiful experience that transcends words. Thank you.

~ Claire

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