Guided work to grow your capacity to self-heal and embody your authentic Self.

At some point intuition nudges us to experience something deeper.

This is where you will find me – holding space for you, as you find the courage to have an authentic experience of yourself. Where you are safe to feel and express your truths. Where talk meets energy, head meets heart, and spiritual ideals meet solid ground, so you can discover new tools to heal and transform.

However, transformation is a journey of surrender. You might be asked to release your grip on knowing, in order to cultivate trust in the process.

There is no quick fix to healing.

Mentoring introduces you to gentle ways to cultivate an intention, awaken awareness and nurture your intuition to better navigate fear in daily life. You are supported to grow a relationship to what challenges you. In this way an unexpected illness, loss of a job, a desire for purpose or an overwhelmed nervous system become opportunities to learn how to tend to what you need in daily life.

Through guided journeys and with energy healing support, you are encouraged to explore the life events and inner patterning that shapes your moment to moment experiences. As your awareness expands I share supportive tools and practices including breath work, embodied movement, sound, flower essences, somatic energy healing and feminine wisdom ways to empower you to soothe and nurture love for yourself.

Excavating Your Fears Liberates the Soul

Sometimes I hold a thread of connection with you for months and even years before you are ready to step in. Because fear is present.The kind of fear that makes you want to run, hide, deny or distract from what is inside you. I hold space for you as you get ready to navigate that.

To journey with fear I have to get real with you. The mind is a trickster and your heart is hiding behind numerous walls. I sense what is hiding in you and lovingly hold you as the muck rises to the surface. I am equal parts gentle and fierce in my love as I guide you along the path.

When you become aware of your fear stories and the ways they keep you stuck, you can consciously choose to move through life differently. You can learn to embody your authentic Self.

We might be together for six sessions, sometimes more.

I can’t know what you need until we are sharing space together. Whilst your mind may hold hope for a specific outcome, together we practice staying in the unknown and become curious about what is ready to shift in your life. Often what shifts is unexpected and out of our control.

Into The Unknown

In my experience, for a woman to heal deeply she must be willing to learn how to hold herself in the unknown.

That liminal space between one path ending and a new path yet to begin.

A place in which clarity arrives when you least expect it. Sometimes through conflict or dis-ease. Where your bodies talk and wisdom is shared.

Mentoring sessions are ideal for women who no longer wish to look outside of themselves for answers. When you trust me with your heart, I don’t ever want to presume I know what is best for you. You are kindly placed in the driver’s seat of your life experiences. What I can promise is to stay in the mystery with you. To trust that life is working for your highest good, whatever that may be.

This work will teach you how to support yourself in that liminal space. If you’re willing to do the work I am gifted at guiding you inward to experience yourself in whole new way. If it is difficult for you to open up, I will hold space until you feel safe to delve deeper. Over time you are supported to reconnect with your inner Self, grow a relationship to energy and gather resources to navigate life with more clarity and ease.

Deep healing takes time, compassion and commitment. If you are ready for some focused healing, I offer a six session package that supports you over a 3 – 6 month period. The package includes tailored practices, practical tools, audio meditations, email/video support and a complimentary Heart Wisdom Oracle Deck.

What’s Included?

Mentoring Package

Choose from 1.5hr or 1hr sessions

My sessions with Liz are always so amazing even when they raise things you don’t expect. She is able to help you to facilitate major shifts in your life with so much love and kindness. I have also attended various workshops with her and always learn more about myself and new tools for everyday life.

~ Danneal

I never expected to come as far as I have in my life in such little time, Liz has been the most incredible mentor and guide. Through my toughest times she really helped me look at things through new eyes, allowing me to come to my own conclusions and take control of my life. Whenever I needed positive affirmation she was there, it’s always so lovely to know you’re on the right path and what you’re doing is best for you. Love and light.

~ Mikayla

I have been seeing Liz in private sessions and in a group setting over the past year. Words cannot adequately describe how loving, compassionate and light-filled this woman is. In my first session with Liz I had no idea what to expect, but she made me feel instantly held and at ease with her gentle energy. Liz has a beautiful gift of bringing her clients into their own light and empowering them to see their true selves. She listens deeply to her client and is able to accurately sense what they might need. She holds a space that is nurturing and loving and walks with you through your process, whatever it is. Each time I leave a sessions with Liz, I feel lighter and more in-tune with myself and the world around me. 

~ Ash

I have been working with Liz for eight months now and I cannot express enough how healing our sessions have been for me. Liz helps me quiet my mind so I can feel my inner knowing, rather than getting stuck in my spinning thoughts. She holds space for me to face feelings that I have buried for decades, in a way that allows me to feel accepted, safe and loved. Liz is truly a gift, and I look forward to continuing our work together.

~ Jen

I have been working with Liz for a little over a year now, and in that time my life has transformed from the inside out. Through her gentle guidance and support, she has helped me tap into the healing tools that were inside me all along. I just needed someone to show me how to use them. Liz held space for me until I learned to hold space for myself. I am stronger, happier, healthier and more stable that I’ve ever been. 

~ Annie

Liz is a very heart centred soul who practices what she preaches. Liz holds space for you to work through whatever is going on. A very peaceful, nurturing and balancing experience for me. Learning to come back to your heart space and really listening to the whisperings of your heart, rather than following the hustle and bustle of life and letting it take you on the usual roller coaster ride. I am learning more and more through Liz’s guidance, to come back to my truth and find peace in nature and simple things.

~ Julie


Q: Who is mentoring suited to?

A: Women who are awakening and moving through a challenging life transition. Sensitive, empathic women who desire support to connect with their intuition, explore subtle energy, move through fear and follow the call of their Soul.

Q: Is it best to book an Intuitive Soul Healing prior to committing to mentoring?

A: An Intuitive Soul Healing is a foundational session that highlights your current energy, challenges and potential. You also receive high frequency healing for your Soul and a balancing of your energy system. It is also a wonderful way to experience a connection with me before committing to a deeper process. A 10% discount is available for your first session when you sign up to the newsletter.

Q: Do I get support between sessions?

A: Yes. Communication via email, video or What’s App messaging is available between sessions. As with any commitment, the more you put in the more you will receive from the experience.

Q: Is there homework between sessions?

A: In a way there is! You’ll receive recorded meditations and embodiment practices to engage in between sessions. Practices support nervous system regulation, somatic energy awareness and self discovery.

Q: What happens if I miss a session?

A: 24 hours notice is required to reschedule a session. Session no shows are forfeited.

Q: Is a split payment plan available?

A: Yes. It is possible to pay a 50% deposit upon booking with the final 50% due prior to your third scheduled session. No additional costs are incurred with this option.


Additional Enquiries?