Liz Smith ~ Founder of Awaken to Life

Energy Intuitive . Channel . Meditation Teacher . Mentor . Group Facilitator



“All healing must journey through the heart. To embrace the truth of who you are – a Divine Being of immeasurable possibility, you must be willing to unravel all that you are not.”


Hello and welcome here, I’m Liz Smith. It feels unnatural and a little challenging to define myself in titles, yet for the ease of learning more about me, I’m happy to share that I lean into many roles; mother, wife, creative, space holder, energy intuitive, channel, meditation teacher, mentor and group facilitator.

Prior to now I spent years looking for the missing piece that would bring more ease, beauty and meaning to my life. I found myself on an endless search for the healing that would take away feelings of inadequacy and overwhelm. Alongside this search, a commitment to conscious practices in meditation, breath, body and energy work naturally evolved. In time I came to experience the aliveness of my Essence that is always here; in pain and in joy – and my commitment to being present deepened. 

In discovering the beauty of the present moment, I also discovered my multi-dimensionality. The ability to be able to connect and receive guidance and healing from my Soul family, Source and infinite realms of love and light. I am eternally grateful for the unfolding path that has brought me to this point. There is so much support for individuals to experience the truth of who they are, and to grow a relationship with the emerging wisdom of their heart.

All that Awaken to Life offers, through individual healing and mentoring sessions, meditation classes, gatherings and retreats, is in service to the awakening of humanity and the embodiment of wisdom that lives within everyone.

To play in this field – the field of awareness to which we belong, is an honour and a joy and it is here for you too.


Awaken to Life offers spaces for you to cultivate a deeper connection and coherence between your mind, body and heart. Through guided meditation, energy circles, retreats, Soul Essence Healing and individual mentoring, I share heart awakening practices and channeled guidance, to support others to deepen their relationship to themselves and Life. How you perceive and experience your Self and Soul when your mind, body and heart are in coherence – is yours to discover.


“It takes immense courage to be who you are.”

It takes courage to inquire into the Self that feeds the experience of busyness, over-committing, self-loathing, maddening mind chatter and an array of other habits that keep you disconnected from who you truly are.

Creating the space to ask questions and get to the truths in your life, can be a deeply illuminating and often painful process. You may find yourself asking…

What am I not willing to feel?

What is my truth?

Who am I when I’m not afraid?

What is right here and now?

Awaken to Life facilitates transformation through meaningful relationship with yourself and life in the present. Each offering is held as a safe, non-judgemental and nurturing space to facilitate inner spaciousness, awareness and connection with the wisdom of your heart – whatever unfolds in your reality. When you create space to pay attention to your inner experience, you open to the insight and unique healing that is always available, always flowing through Life itself.


Do you wish to come home to the emerging wisdom of your heart?


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LIZ SMITH | Founder of Awaken to Life, Energy Intuitive, Channel, Mentor, Meditation Teacher, Group Facilitator.

Liz brings empathy and warmth to the inner work of self-awareness, inner spaciousness, self-healing and awakening to facilitate authentic empowerment in daily life. Through classes, retreats and individual sessions, Liz shares her love of cultivating simple practices in meditation, breath and body work, self-inquiry and self-healing to support others to embody who they are and experience more beauty, ease and meaning in life.

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