In service to our individual and collective healing, I am observing interesting power-over themes that seem to be making their way up and out of our fragile bodies. If you take the time to study the outer systems that govern our daily life, you may notice a theme of survival through implementing power over tactics. A valid response is to seek freedom from outer systems, yet in my experience we must be willing to see how outer themes also play out in our inner lives.

Last week I noticed my anger grow – a literal fire in my belly that got hotter and hotter. I was (and maybe still am) angry at power-over systems who attempt to control free thinking minds and sovereign bodies through keeping one in a subtle yet continual state of fear. Alongside my anger I also began to notice how I have been using the same tactics in my life, controlling and manipulating events and people to create a feeling of safety in my body.

As my mentor’s mentor would say “inside, outside, same side”. What we react to outside of us is a reflection of what lives in us too and vice versa.

When I notice a fire in my belly I’m learning to sit with it. If we tend to our inner fire it can grow to teach us something new. As I notice shame I meet it with kindness so as not to get lost in the swirl of painful emotion. Soothing, kind practices bring me back to my heart, help soften my edges and open me to see life as it really is.

Right now our world is a mess. And that mess is serving to set us free if we can sit in our muck long enough to own our role in its creation, and work to clear it out of our body. As fear, shame and judgement move out, so too does it clear out of the collective mind that is creating reality.


Manufactured Power-over Cycles Verses Natures Cycles

I have noticed some not so subtle cycles manifest in the past few years.

Agitate fear of a core wound (survival being our root fear). Offer a solution to core fear (antidote to potential death). Gain trust. Once trust is gained, pull back on the fear story. Nervous systems start to regulate again.

Start the cycle over.

Agitate a core wound (threaten our ability to create and experience pleasure – sacral fear). Offer strategies to restore ‘freedom’ that allow us to create and experience pleasure. Gain trust. Once trust is gained, pull back on the fear story. Nervous system starts to regulate again.

Gratefully I have also noticed a different theme re-emerging. A growing awareness of the natural governing cycles of life and death. Cycles that assist us to notice the contrast of manufactured power over cycles of fear, loss of freedom and unconscious compliance.

As a woman who is consciously connected to her menstrual cycle this is interesting to observe. As cyclical beings we can all learn from the natural cycles of birth, decay and death and rebirth that has governed all of life for millennia. A cycle that is motivated by reciprocity. Giving and taking in equal measure to ensure balance is maintained and life continues to birth in various forms.

Choosing to consciously stay connected to your menstrual cycle can help you remain governed by your innate power. When you observe the cycles at play in your body you may also notice systemic attempts to disconnect you from your life force. Your divine power as a woman to create, hold and birth Life in all of it’s amazing forms. You hold within your belly a power that no power-over governing system can take away. That power is called love.

I observe within myself and others a humanity deeply disconnected from the cycles of Life. A humanity that fears death, not seeing death for its true beauty – a portal through which all things can be born again. Including this great mess we find ourselves in. Within this I see potential ways through.

A woman connected to her body IS how we can survive subtle attempts to disconnect and cut us off from our divinity. Pay attention to your dream-time and to the visions, synchronicities and insight that arrive in your consciousness and in daily life. This is one of the gifts of being a bleeding woman.

As cycles of fear begin to move through the solar plexus now, the visceral source of I AM – I wonder if you can feel the beginnings of a fire in your belly? One way to respond is to grow a deeper relationship to the death part of each cycle. What might become of us if we can look death in the eye and welcome her as an integral part of birthing new life.

It’s a big ask. My body has been dancing with fear for 44 years. And for the last decade I’ve been learning how to consciously navigate fear in my body. It’s exhausting and liberating and did I mention exhausting??


From Fire to Potential Peace

At this time thousands of woman are doing the harrowing work of evacuating the fears that have become stored in their bodies. As a guide for this liberating work, it’s no walk in the park. What sits in our body is thousands of years of power-over abuse. It’s a deep honour to hold women whilst they dig up this muck that we have collectively created together.

I am also noticing new collaborative, community based, heart centred ways emerging. A sharing of resources and ideas so we can co-create with free-thinking minds and sovereign bodies. The beginnings of a New Earth.

How I continue to participate is to feel the fire, let it burn and then rest as long as is needed in my peaceful heart. To move slowly enough to keep noticing what I notice. The ability to take notice and question when something doesn’t feel okay in your body is a beautiful place to begin.

I want to share more from women that are awakening through the quietness of daily life. Women who are healing and embodying themselves and creating new ways to be in community together.

Initially you may find that the ideas and thoughts of an emerging sovereign woman may rub against your own. I did and still do. If you notice that inside yourself, I pray that we can hold steady through the discomfort and stay curious about which part of the body feels threatened, offended or hurt.

May we continue to hold each other as we take care of our individual pain to enable us to create anew with peaceful hearts..

Fanning the flames in love and service,
Liz xx