Image: divine hand drawn art by Dani, words read: Own The Flow


The new ways I’ve been talking about are here.

They are arriving through you and me.

Through our willingness to embody our creative flow.

Our job: to move slowly enough to catch a new spark as it flows through us.

Where we are going as a higher vibrational, conscious collective is being created in the present moment.

Through how I speak to myself as a new day dawns.

How I move through my morning.

How I do life.

Not as a prescription or formula.

Not by the things I have been taught.

I’m talking about how I do life as I wake up in each present moment.

We can be that real and alive folks. But we’ve got to slow waaaay down to live this way.

Stop for a second and explore the idea that we can determine how much aliveness we bring to each moment.

Through how you direct your energy. And how you tend to the energy that gets stuck in your body.

The energy moving through me right now feels fresh.

I’m not calling upon old ideas of how I must communicate to get my message across.

I‘m trusting the flow of energy that is moving in this moment. In half an hour it may be gone. In eight minutes my rice porridge cooker will beep to let me know I need to move away from the laptop and release the pressure valve. My attention and flow will shift to the porridge.

Can we really do life this way? Without a plan other than what is alive and freshly moving through us moment to moment?

Can I show up to move through and write about the pain and healing that occurs in the present moment?

And how that facilitates an opening – space – to receive new and fresh ideas that want to be shared? Even if it’s just these words that are landing in this moment?

I suspect that my kids need to see me living my life in this way. Showing up to the flow of creativity as it pulses through me.

Creative Flow is my word for 2022.

I haven’t shared it publicly yet because it took a long time to land in my bones. For me to own it and claim that Creative Flow is what I need to cultivate most this year.

The fear was that I knew my work and service in my small corner of the world wasn’t going to look like how it previously had.  Predictable, regular offerings of healing circles and sessions. Can we really do life this boldly?

Can we continue to be a work in progress and allow our whole Self, warts and all to shine?

Hang on, is there really any other way to live?

I can’t show up to the lie anymore. The version of me that believes it is complete and polished and ready for the world.

I want real and raw and half baked and fully present.

My kids need that from me.

And the only way to catch the lies we tell ourselves and others, is to move so slow that we can feel the untruths as they move through our body.

Slow enough to catch yourself nodding and agreeing to something when your insides are screaming no f@cking way do I agree with that.

We’ve been taught to play nice. To politely agree. To not throw a stone of truth into the pond for fear of the ripples it creates.

I can not play nice. Not with myself. The lies get stuck in my body and create dis-ease. Instead I will be ruthless and compassionately honest with myself.

I will continue to share Heart Words on The Bridge when the energy arrives to deliver them.

What you can expect is honest communication and reflections on human, Soul and everything in-between.

I may give words to what sits at the coil of your deepest most private inner thoughts.

As I expose my own you may see yours. Sorry not sorry about that.

You may catch a thought.

A learned conditioning.

A way of being that is so deeply entrenched in the psyche, that teasing it out with words of truth may be the kind of medicine we need right now. I know I do.


Fresh – Allow Flow to Shift What is Stagnant

The word fresh has been rolling around in my mind for about a week now. I keep hearing that it has to be fresh, keep it fresh.

Every time I turn around to look at the old ways I was working I can’t see them anymore. The tethers have been severed.

My work in the world is getting a refresh. I can feel it. I know my website and socials need an overhaul. I’m sitting in this liminal space between a ruthless full moon and a soon to be new moon knowing that nothing is clear right now.

I have to sit still. Wait for the flow. It has its own divine timing and I’ve come to trust that.

What arrives next will be fresh.

The food I am eating is fresher.

The adventures I am taking with loved ones are new.

The way that I have held space for others won’t be the same.

That time is over. What I moving toward is new and I suspect it is deeply needed.

Part of living into new ways is trusting that what is here to flow through you will arrive. In fact it’s already knocking on your door, you just have to open it.

Last week I opened a door into a new way of serving. I’m not ready to share about it just yet but along with a beloved we are tracking the energy together. We don’t yet know where it is leading us but we are paying attention.

It feels risky and real to let you in on the inner process of being awake and alive to life this way. Not knowing something until you do. And then creating something out of what you know. Sharing it to those who feel called.

And then resting and replenishing. A vital step. Creating space to receive the next flow of creativity that wants to arrive.

A couple of years ago a dear Soul Sister gave me a hand drawn card and on it she wrote “own the flow”. Only now am I coming to fully understand how life can feel when I own the flow. When I unhook from the conditioning that taught us how to create and share our light.

So here is to owning the flow in every area of our lives. Especially when it looks so very different to what we have been taught. May this process teach the generations to come that they too can own the flow, for the flow is who they are.

And may we move slowly enough to catch ourselves when we step out of the flow and forget we are a creative work, always in progress.

In creatively fresh love,

Liz x