Are you feeling the fast pace of March?

The mayhem, the chaos, the disruption to daily living. The contraction, the expansion and the quick retreat of yet another contraction. We are doing epic inner child healing this month.

The card I pulled to help us navigate the energy of March is S-T-R-E-T-C-H.

Yes we are.

Some are experiencing this more acutely. War. Floods. Fires. Displacement.

Others are living it in ways that do not make the news, yet are offering equally wild ways to change how we are in relationship to Life.

In my work I am holding women who are rewriting the way they parent their children, show up to their work in the world, relate to their partners, regulate an over taxed nervous system and nourish their bodies.

We are learning how to parent ourselves folks – in the ways our parents could not.

This is big work. The kind of work my mentor would say is shifting us out of co-dependency and into co-commitment.

Where ever you are in this shift, thank you for sharing pieces of your life and process with me.


As reality continues to restructure for us, I feel called to love more wildly. Maybe you are too?

What may challenge this call to love wildly is our human desire for the familiar. We like to experience what we already know. Yet I’m sure it doesn’t have to be said that this is how we get stuck in old cycles and ways of living. The ones that have not worked out so great for us throughout history.

It’s time to navigate fear differently so love has space to bloom in all the wild places.


An Antidote to Insanity?

There are countless examples of how I am seeing macro (collective world) chaos reflected in our micro (individual daily) lives. The following is one story among a dozen opportunities that life is gifting me to embody love.

My teenage daughter has managed three full days of school and a handful of half days this term. The days she is at home are spent regulating her nervous system from the impact of time spent at school. This is a common dance for neuro-diverse humans.

This is where we are. We are healing generational trauma and showing up to the collective insanity that is our current educational, governmental, environmental and health systems.

To create change, first we must acknowledge the disfunction that current systems are creating. The ways in which they serve to keep us disconnected, disempowered, addicted and dependant on resources outside of ourselves.

The question is how much insanity can we withstand or ignore before we start doing things differently?

How much insanity are we willing to admit we have contributed to and even created in our lives?

Once acknowledged, there is hope. Insanity can be a mighty catalyst for new ways forward.


Birthing The New With Love

Energetically speaking, March is a month of mayhem leading to the potential for great change. We are stretching into ways of being that we haven’t previously been able to manifest.

Right now loving wildly looks like trusting my daughters’ capacity to tend to herself. Even when it doesn’t fit into the school system requirements. To advocate for her I find loop holes and ways of working a broken system to support her. I’ve needed to do this for all of my children.

What is really happening here is that many of our kids are crafting a new way forward. To succeed at that, they need us healed and responsive to their intuitive lead.

It’s a whole lot of letting go.

In my daily life I’m learning that loving is knowing when to step back and let others lead. Loving is deep trust in an unseen path. We are creating a new earth.

In my experience of learning to love in this way I am met by moments of grace and synchronicity. Confirmation that we are not doing this alone. Inspiration to keep stretching the mould until it breaks, whilst trusting a new container is forming to hold us.

To me, wild love is allowing for a flow that doesn’t resist what is in front of it. Collectively and individually we are getting many opportunities to practice wild love in the months and years to come. And it really is a practice.


The Bridge, Intentions and Creative Flow

Like so many of you, I am deep in a process of surrender and rebirth in many areas of my life. As a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a creative and in collaboration with kindreds. This is not new, we move through continual cycles of birth and death through out our life.

What is new however, is the growing number of people who are consciously moving through these cycles. Thank the heavens. There is now less resistance to the new birthing through!

I am keenly aware that I have a strong capacity for inner visioning. Often I run with a creative thread before it has fully anchored. I’m still learning how to cultivate and allow the world of Spirit to move through me without resistance.

I seem to learn best through doing.

Offering heart words on The Bridge is one way I continue to learn by doing. To invite you in on my inner process of self-cultivation. I create something and then allow myself to re-orient as further information or my own limitations come to light. I give myself permission to get it wrong as a means of honing my craft, my life, my Self.

Whilst I haven’t been as present to sharing on The Bridge as I had imagined, there is creative flow happening in daily life.

My sensitive body and that of my children is requiring me to spend oodles of creative time in the kitchen. My daily practice is supporting the easing of decades of conditioning that my body is holding. My children are learning about navigating their energy and others. I’m creating more space to tend to ageing parents. My relationships are fewer and deepening.

There is an honesty emerging around how I live moment to moment.

It’s hard. And beautiful. And that folks is the whole point.

I’ve had to get intentional about how I spend the time and energy I have. It’s finite. No amount of fist pumping and woo hooing will increase my daily energy reserves. It is in the acceptance and removal of internal blockages that I gain access to more of my life force.

It’s a re-wilding and a reclaiming of the sacred energy of your innate potential. It doesn’t happen just once. It’s a lifelong devotion to the practices, supports and communities that believe in your wholeness. What I clean up today, I will clean up again tomorrow. Hopefully the mess is a little less each time.


A Container for Birth

This life is your masterpiece. It desires your heart felt attention and clear intentions. Neither of these come easily. Conditioning frequently overrides your clearest heart wishes.

Birthing yourself takes focus, commitment and a path and community that can hold you whilst you squirm.

When I hear myself writing about letting go and synchronicity, I feel the work of Staci Boden. It is her path of Following Energy that lives deep in my bones.

If you are curious about how to let go and begin following a clear intention that wants to move through your life, I invite you to get acquainted with Staci’s podcast. Containers for birth are emerging.

Heart Words on The Bridge is as much for the mess as the magic and beauty of life. Where ever you are this month, I’d love to know how you’re navigating.

In wild love,

Liz x